Happy Mommy

Max brought me breakfast in bed – done perfectly – toast with butter and a bowl of yogurt with walnuts, cranberries and granola. This boy WATCHES me fix my breakfast every morning (although I rarely have toast – but it was delicious!)

Could there be a better Mother’s Day?

Gerry splurged on chocolates from Chocolat Celeste, which are almost too pretty to eat. But I’ll force myself. Evidently that was why the trip to Menards on Friday took so long…

For lunch we found an excellent Chinese Restaurant, later we visited the library and I finished a small project. I got some ideas for newer projects, too – woo!

At the library after lunch we ran into friends who ended up taking Maxie to the Mississippi River for a little outing (my own personal Huck Finn.) A rich and full day!

Gerry and I sat down for a few hours and hashed out details to discuss with our contractor (that is, if we ever get one…) and the kids gave me wonderful, hand-made and lovingly picked out gifts. Hannah and I sat on the newly stained deck for a while reading and knitting – what a nice afternoon!

Chinese Just Like Mother Used To Make

Not my mom, but someone’s mom…

I looked up a few restaurants online, and found a blog review of Little Szechuan at chowhound.com – and what a great lead it was!

Gerry got lo mein (so it would warm up well) and I splurged with crispy shrimp in special sauce. I have no idea what was in the sauce, but it was orange and sweet. Yum! Max was bummed that his chicken was spicier than he though it would be (I never eat spicy food, and this was mild enough for me…) so he ate a lot of his sisters chicken & broccoli.

We will definitely be back!

Have A Seat!

I did a pattern for Vogue Knitting’s Knit 1 – a lace chairseat (on the frame of a Shaker rocker I got at an auction last year) and was very happy to see it in this issue.

The pattern is online as a free downloadable pdf file, so here’s your chance to reseat that ladder back chair you’ve had stored in the garage for a few years!

I have a Ginko sweater in the same issue – I’m happy with it, which is nice because it’s almost been a knee jerk reaction that I’m not happy with some of my stuff in magazines lately. There are so many variables in every design & presentation.

Cooks Tour
Here’s the latest incarnation of our kitchen redesign – we’ve added an island (the round circle represents personal space to make sure there’s room for someone to maneuver)

The island may be big – we’re still working that out. We may just tape this layout off in the kitchen to see if we find it workable.

We’ll hire the contractor to create the new space (bathroom & laundry) and do the plumbing stuff that needs to be done in kitchen.

The cabinets et al? I’m feeling secure enough to do a lot of the kitchen stuff myself – with Gerry’s advice and guidance, that is! We’ll see – I’m always open to admitting something’s beyond me – but I’m feeling that at least I should be able to do a bit of it myself!

At any rate, the kitchen is down the road. The important thing is to get the new bathroom & laundry created to make life easier this coming year. Have at it!

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