Needles & Pins

So today I went off to my doctor, who is also an acupuncturist, and had myself pinned. I figure if it has to do with needles, it can’t be all bad! I wanted to try this for my asthma – I’d heard it could improve things, and with the stress lately my COPD‘s been getting the better of me.

Guess what, I felt a difference right away! The difference subsided a bit after 30 minutes, but it’s about 4 hours since the treatment and I definitely feel that I’m breathing easier.

This is even more notable because it’s rainy and humid – which is usually the kiss of death for my breathing – but it’s not so bad today, not after getting stuck!

I Have a Fan Because of the humidity – and just for comfort – we decided to put in a ceiling fan.

Off to Menards, we bypassed the sale fan and sprung for a nicer one (well, it’s going into our prize ceiling, where it would really show if we tried to cheap out…)

It wasn’t easy getting it up, but it was relatively simple, and I learned a few things about octagonal electrical boxes & spackle along the way. (I also learned that it’s bad for an exposed wire to touch the aforementioned electrical box.) But now everything is fine, no more sparks, and the fan is spinning like a dervish.

Redo of Redo Plans
I had a brainstorm the other day.

One of the problems in our kitchen redo has to do with the foundation (or lack thereof) under part of our kitchen (the part that used to be a porch, but has been incorporated into the kitchen.) Unless we engage in some very pricey building calesthetics to create a foundation, the renovation as planned probably wouldn’t be to code for any plumbing.

So – when faced with this – I figured, “Why not just turn the plan around so that the addition doesn’t hold any plumbing?”

By moving the bathroom over to what is now the NW corner of the kitchen, walling that off and widening the doorway into the kitchen, I think we have a very functional space. I also think we can save some $$ by not altering or adding windows to existing walls, and keeping the new windows limited to the new walls.
So here’s our new projected layout. Time marches on. We’ve seen 4 general contractors so far, and we’ll see another on Friday, then we’ll get bids and begin the decision making process!

Bête Noir
My own personal bugaboo, responsible for a FOUL mood over the past 3 days, has been this *&@()#! bra pattern that I’m trying to work out. Oy.

But I think I may have it licked.

It’s not making it up that’s so hard – it’s finding the natural and elegant connections between dart placement and cup sizes that will make a universal pattern possible. Because I can’t just DO anything easily.

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