NWA Ate My Luggage

I have lost my luggage. Damn.

It was a rough day – delayed flight; the mad dash through the Detroit airport to make my flight (with – literally – 1 minute to spare…) and then my luggage is lost. LOST! Dang. But worse things can happen.

I imagine it’s on some desert island somewhere whacking at papayas and coconuts with a machete, engaging in steamy love scenes and finding odd numeric messages. A girl can dream, huh?

Hair Where?
So here’s the much requested photo of the head. Yes, I photoshopped it – I didn’t really make myself look any better, just a little less – tired.

Ain’t I a cutie? I’m anxious for Beth at Lorna’s Laces to give me some tips on how to live with the dyke-cut. Please don’t be offended, I say it with love.

It’s a great cut – for Gomer Pyle. Ask your mom. I look so old and sad in this picture.

I called the salon to see about some kind of fix. They were really nice, the woman I spoke with (the owner of the salon) is going to have me come by on Tuesday and we may try dyeing it blonde. Eh. What do I have to lose? It could be fun. It could be a wretched mistake. At this point, it’s all kind of an adventure, and it amuses the children.

This is testing my much-touted refain of, “Life isn’t about not making mistakes, it’s about dealing with them gracefully…” So let’s see how graceful I really CAN be about this.

So far I’ve run into a few friends, checked into my room (yes, it’s another expensive hotel so I have to PAY for internet.) I still can’t figure that out, unless they know that most folks who stay here are on expense accounts so they’ll pony up to keep in touch with the office. What a scam.

In my luggage – which, according to the Northwest Airline site is in transit (it’s actually kind of cool that you can track your luggage like a UPS package) are all of my Romantic Hand Knit samples, my class handouts, my clothes, my medicine, my makeup (because the terrorists hate our flawless skin I have to pack my concealer) and I’m worried I won’t get it in time for my 8:00 am class tomorrow.

Luggage Update
It’s 10:00pm now and still no luggage. I have to hit the hay or I won’t be able to teach at 8:00

I just spent $19 in the hotel gift shop for toothpaste, a toothbrush, deoderant and Qtips. I’m hand washing my clothes so I look at least remotely okay tomorrow – I’m very glad now I chose NOT to travel in baggy pants and an old T shirt.

According to the NWA website I can request a complimentary kit with a comb, deodorant, razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, and toothpaste from the Luggage Service office. Unfortunately, the Luggage Service Office is at the airport, I’m here in downtown Columbus, and I doubt that they’d rush to get me some toothpaste. Heaven knows what I’m going to do about my meds – breathing? That’s for the birds!

Fighteningly, though, they have ONE suitcase listed as being FOUND, the other is still lost. The one that’s FOUND is the one with the Romantic Hand Knits stuff – thank heaven. If I have to choose a suitcase to lose, it would be the one with my clothes. Clothes I can replace, the Romantic Hand Knit stuff I don’t think I’d have the heart to re-do! Sophie’s Choice with luggage.

Cell Angst
Power is a problem this weekend as I forgot my cell phone charger. Dang. Anyone here at TNNA have a motorola phone charger I could borrow? They have a buttload of chargers down at the front desk, left behind by travelers. Alas, none of them fit my little pink razor.

Room with a View
Ah, the lovely roof of the Convention Center. It’s going to be hard to sleep, I just want to stay up all night gazing at the flatness.

Breaking Luggage News
10:21 – a phone call alerting me to the fact that my LUGGAGE HAS ARRIVED just came through. Oh, the anticipation! What will it be?? One suitcase? Both? Do I have $5 for a tip? Is that enough? Can I get that $19 back for the most expensive toothpaste in Columbus?

Luggage Update
10:40 – Both bags arrived, the bell-guy (are they called that anymore?) seemed happy with $5 and told me they would have GIVEN me toothpaste at the front desk. I was afraid to ask – I figured it would be $25. To celebrate I ordered room service for breakfast – oatmeal and a fruit smoothie. Life will be good. I may even get my act together to take a swim tomorrow!

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