Thanks so much for all of your very kind notes, comments and bits of advice. Sometimes advice is overwhelming (you know when you’ve sent too much) but often it’s on target.

I’m happy to get advice – it’s easier for me to read it in a post on the blog than in an email – if an email gets too wordy I sort of blank out on it. That’s simply exhaustion, and perhaps a bit of lack of focus.

I’ll try to answer all of your very kind emails, but I may not be able to. Please know that they’re read and appreciated! One note: It’s probably best to steer clear of overt religious messages when you write to me, you may not like the response. I’m respectful of religion, and just as respectful of secular, humanist, atheist compassion – they both have a place in my world, but personally I lean toward the latter.

And, as in knitting, I refuse to believe that there is only one way to peace and inner harmony. Heaven is within us.

Lack of Judgement
The picture says it all. I look like a – well – lets just say that folks are going to be checking the size of my hands. Fabulous. Let’s just say it was a breakdown of communication, and I liked the stylist a lot – I just didn’t make myself clear. Another translator is needed.

The sides and back are even – well – more drastic. That’s what Gerry called it, drastic.

“It’s a – drastic – haircut, hon. But it IS May.”

The implication being that by the time September rolls around my summer haircut may be just long enough for customs to allow me into France.

And that’s why I love him – honest, yet tactful. Max even told me I looked good (but revised that to “not bad” when I told him to be honest.)

I’ve heard that BOTH weeks of the France trip is sold out. However, Gerry’s tentatively scheduled for his transplant in Sept, so that will be happening later in the month.

Do you like how Gerry’s health is planned around my teaching schedule? Just this once.

Now I’m going to go try to make peace with my hair. I’m knitting a headband and have prepared some Alchemy silk to wear around my head at TNNA.

I’ll keep a tally tomorrow as I fly to Columbus how many folks address me as, “Sir…”

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