Making Peace With My Hair

So I returned to the salon for a “fix” and we decided to wait on a color.

When I walked in I was a lot more upset than I realized – I also figured out rather quickly that I just wanted someone to say, “I’m sorry about your hair!”

Once I made that clear – sometimes asking is the best way – everything was cool and they were very sorry about my hair. We were all sorry. And I found the picture that I’d shown the original stylist (princess Di on the cover of Bazaar, with short hair at the sides, long on top – a sort of Brideshead Revisited public school boy cut) so I KNOW I wasn’t insane.

I’m more than willing to take a certain amount of responsibility for the original haircut. I’m thinking of it more as a breakdown in communication than a ‘They tied me down and force a bad haircut on me!’ episode. I figure that’s one way I can grow from this experience. Hopefully my hair will grow, too.

I said Princess Di – she heard me say Princess Dyke… Once again, said with love…

So I had a different stylist this time, and I really wasn’t expecting much. But she was able to ‘texturize’ my hair, shorten the top a bit so it wasn’t quite so Sargent Carter

And she was able to “round out” my head. I have a square head.

I feel like it’s a whole new haircut, and I’m really much more at peace with the hair. I can actually LOOK at myself in the mirror without bursting into tears (and isn’t that what we ALL want?)

I’m still recovering from TNNA – what a body blow that was!

I swear, I wish it were spread out over a week. But even THAT wouldn’t be enough time. I saw so much, ran into so many folks, and yet I MISSED so much (and stood up a few folks I didn’t mean to – I’m sorry!)

And I keep getting emails with allusions to things I said or did while – ahem – impaired. I have NO memory of any of it (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…)

Today was FIELD day at Max’s school, so I volunteered at the Oversized Clothing Relay.
It was a friggin’ HOOT! I think I got the best assignment of the day (I kept yelling at the 3rd graders as they ran by in gigantic pants and shirts, “WHO ARE YOU WEARING??”)

Well, I know I enjoyed myself!

Tonight – if it doesn’t rain – Max has baseball again. Woo! And Hannah? She’s been getting phone calls like mad – I guess she’s making friends… Woo Woo!!

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