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Not much to write today – we spent the day driving around the TC, picking up test results, xrays, scans, and all manner of other stuff that the Mayo wants to see when we go down tomorrow. So odd to have this in OUR possession. That’s 9/10’s of the diagnosis, baby.

I was also incredibly lucky to meet a new friend this weekend (she babysits for a neighbor whose boys Max has adopted as new good friends) and she has great kids Max & Hannah’s age. Between her and another new friend (whose daughter’s in Max’s class) we have childcare covered when we go down to Rochester tomorrow.

If they want to keep Gerry a few days for tests, and they probably will, we’ll get a hotel room (“GET A ROOM!” – any suggestions?) and I’ll come back and be with the kids.

He’ll be there alone. Sometimes alone is good, sometimes it’s not – we’ll have to see which this is. Then the kids and I will go down and spend the last night with him (pool?) and come home. That’s the plan, man.

The emails and comments are overwhelming, thank you. I feel very humbled, and very proud of all of my friends. How’s THAT for a set of mixed feelings?

I’ll try to answer the emails personally right away – if I don’t, please forgive me. Below are some responses to some comments…

Gina – you’re always nearby, girlfriend!

Barbara – eh – not so hard. It looks harder from the outside. It’s hard in here, too, but circumstances alters cats!

Penny – Well, at least take off the stilettos before you stick in in again…; ) My, that sounded terrible…

Judy – excellent comments – thanks for the input!

Susan SW – Sweetie- what can I do for YOU?? Oy, that sounds like a bad fall, and I know you put so much effort into your mobility as it is! Thank you – for everything – you’re a jewel.

Shoeboots – All Juju gratefully accepted.

Donna – good advice. No’s are hard, but that’s where having a dad who was a salesman is a good thing.

Lee – Team LANDY! Rhymes with CANDY! (my husband and I have different last names)

Ruth – We’re looking into support groups – lots of stuff to get through at one time. We have not yet had a chance to join a temple and you KNOW how that eats at me, but there hasn’t been a time since we’ve been here that we could have gone. I’m over feeling guilty about it – I know we’ll find one when we’re able. I’m a big fan of the happy god (vs. the vengeful god)

Marge: [listening to `You Light Up My Life' on the radio] Our song.
Homer: I bet the guy she was singing that about was real happy.
Marge: Well, actually, she was singing about God.
Homer: Oh, well, He's always happy. No, wait, He's always mad...
-- Look, do you want a happy God or a vengeful God?

Margie – (why, speaking of the Simpsons…) Those are pretty much my thoughts, too. I’m not pessimistic at all – just very hopeful, and realistic, too. That’s why I’m not really taking many more teaching engagements for next year s I can spend time here. I’m trying to get some book projects happening to make the stay at home part easier to rationalize.

Marie – LovinArlo!

Penny – See the power of the foot-eating dance? It helped your mom’s partner!

Joanne – We’ll see. I’m not that easy… Care packages, though, not so bad. I may get a PO box nearby.

Rho – Nice lighthouse…

Polarbears – Yes, saying we can handle it can be a big fat lie. I like my lies like I like my men…

Lisa – My heart goes out to you, girlfriend. I cannot imagine what you and Robb are dealing with – which sounds so trite (haven’t you heard that about 10,000 times by now? But it’s true!)

Dear, you can use ANYTHING off of my blog that you want. Let’s email – if I’m near you I’ll come and give Robb some knitting lessons and he may turn into the new Kaffe Fasset (if we’re not careful…) I’m supposed to be in San Fran area in September. We’ll see…

It sounds idiotic, but things WILL work out. You’re both plucky, it will suck, but even when it sucks like a hoover, life is beautiful. Put THAT on a pillow…

Gingersnaps – Yes, it made me smile. And the ginger was zing-gy!

Terri – I definitely have to check out Crafty Planet – and Simon Delivers. That will be good when I’m out of town. As far as stalkerish lunch dates – are we talking Barbary Fig, or Wendy’s?

Kristi – It doth suck.

Sarah – I will DEFINITELY check it out. My laziness has been boundless as far as checking out knitting groups and temples
(the two things I miss so much!)

Caroncm – I’ve heard that about the Mayo (which Hannah keeps calling – without irony – the Mayonnaise Clinic)

PJ – Wait a few days. I’ve heard there are friends who are putting a website together for me to help facilitate help from non-local folks, so I’d rather wait until it’s good to go before pleas for help start making the rounds. Right now, just think good things for Gerry (like he’ll get taller & get his hair back…)

Hey Melissa – email me and I’ll put you on the local volunteer list so you can see the evenings when we might need dinner. It may not be for a while!

SusanC – Thanks!

Anon – I have my iPod that records – thanks for the reminder, I have to charge it tonight!

Beth – See my note to PJ above – that might be a more feasible scenario in the coming days. I am slowing coming to terms with the fact that we can’t continue as we’re going because we’ll run out of funds. Odd how things finally catch up with you.

Dragon – You have!

Anna-Liza – I feel that way, too. I’ve even told folks, “asking someone is giving them an opportunity for a mitzvah / blessing” – feels so different when we’re doing the asking, huh?

Shannon – I’ll take the shoulder and the ear – but there are few things I like less than talking on the phone! Email, though, is great.

Linguist – NEVER wish yourself out of Cali, baby!

Jess – It sounds like you have MORE on your plate than I do these days – thank you!

Jill – I’m sorry, I just forgot what you wrote – let me look it up again (just joking. I know, not funny…)

RC – OMG – someone in philly loves me!

Keri – Oh, frig, I LOVE crochet. I would never stoop to that silly knit vs. crochet thing. I also love truffles. Just sayin’

Kim – You think you wish you lived nearby because you think you want to help me, but the truth is you really wish you lived nearby because the Twin Cities are so darned amazing!

Emily – Thanksssssssssssssssssss!

Jeanne – I was there, too with my mom a few years ago. It’s so rough, isn’t it? I’m so glad I was there, though.

Knitintensity – Chins are up – all 5 of them.

Laurie – Damnit girl, let’s set the date!

Susan – My mom found me boring, too. Sometimes she talked to my brother (recently passed) or to the walls. Not really. But I was boring. Her roommate looked like the 6 Flags Old Guy from the ads last year, so I was REALLY boring by comparison.

Susan & Harriet – I miss you guys SO much, and I use that teapot almost every day. Mwa. (Everyone in NJ – go visit Knit a Bit!)

SueJ – Are you in the alps in that picture?

Judith – THAT is fascinating – I will definitely look into the GM folks. Wow! H&M could USE some grandparents!

Smittenwithknitten – Thanks!

Cate – Thanks – you may hear from me soon!

Kathleen – Thanks – ditto!

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