People Say The Darndest Things…

Things I’d really like to say when I’m told:

– “Everything will be alright!”
– Thanks.
(Can I get a signed guarantee on that?)

– “Doctor’s don’t know what they’re talking about!”
– You’re right.
(And your medical degree is from WHAT hospital??)

– “Stay POSITIVE!”
– I will.
(Are you blind? Can’t you see that I am?)

– “Don’t lose hope!”
– I won’t!
(My hope is that we have a good life – I’m not losing that.)

– “This is part of god’s plan…”
– Okay…
(Well, allow me to say the plan sucks. And why is he telling everyone else but us – hey, stop talking behind our backs!)

What would I really like folks to say?

– This sucks.
– You can get through this.
– Life is still beautiful.
– Hi.

So – what DOES one get the man who needs time for Father’s Day?
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