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Yesterday the loveliest thing happened. Friends came by with a bucket from the colonel, some grapes and carrots, and all the diet coke a girl can drink.

It’s my weakness, diet coke. I don’t keep it in the house because I’d OD, but when I’m out of the house I’ll have it. My own version of ‘house kosher’

And they stayed for a visit. Love the visits.

And Gerry was feeling really good – he had lunch with us, Maxie had a great playdate with my friend’s wonderful son, and I got to sit and chat with friends while we all knitted.

It truly was just what the doctor ordered. I’d become rather tired – feeling the pinch of the drive over the past couple of days – but this was absolutely lovely!

And What Did I Knit?
Why the turban (above). It doesn’t look very turban-esque now, but I have a trick up my sleeve and it will be astounding (honest, Catherine!)

Then I received some beautiful yarn – to replace the yarn lost from the luggage – and have returned to the colorwork piece for VK (left, with photoshop liberties.)

And, wonder of wonders, the photo shoot’s been pushed back so I have an extra 2 weeks. Life is good.

You know, in the midsts of the deepest crap on the planet, life is good. Even when it sucks, there’s a beauty, like the view from our back deck.

Today Max had another playdate and I got to see the AMAZING playground he’s been talking about for days (aka, “Treasure Island” over by Hamline. Huzzah.)

Then back home just in time to pick up Han and scoot her over to her first birthday party here in MN (she got her friend a mug with a kitty-esque quote on it – it was a hit!)

I did a little shopping (for Father’s Day – and for myself – I’m dangerously low on comfortable shorts and shirts without spots on them…) then back to pick up Hannah and home to see G sitting on the back deck, enjoying the wifi and checking email. And his feet had swollen so badly he may as well be pregnant. A call to the doc – becoming routine.

After 36 hours on pain meds, he’s his old self. Yay! I was so grateful and happy to be just sitting with my guy on the back porch, that I spilled the beans a day early about our big Father’s Day Gift

The Big Father’s Day Gift
When the possible date for the stem cell transplant was moved up to August instead of late September, I realized that my pipe dream of taking Gerry with me to Provence was NOT going to work. I also very much wanted to have a family vacation while he’s able to enjoy it, and the kids are able to spends some great, quality time with him.

Since I’m teaching up in Duluth next weekend – and had thought I’d bring the family along – I checked out rental properties in the area for the week and found a lovely home right on Lake Superior which was available for the 5 days after my gig is over. YAY!

To be honest, it’s a bit pricier than we usually rent for our summer vacation – 5 days is as much as a full week at our last year rental – but the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Fishing, rocking on the porch, fishing, looking for frogs, fishing – it will be an amazing week. I wonder what kind of fishing license I need to get… And we need to get some poles. I love to fish!

So I spilled the beans – and Gerry’s very happy – and the kids are happy, and I’M happy. Atticus is happy because the owners have agreed that he can come.

Life is damned good. And even more gifts tomorrow!

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