The response to the donation button has been overwhelming – humbling – and amazing. Thank you to all who have donated, who are thinking of donating, or who are sending good thoughts our way.

Gerry and I were discussing the other day that – like just about every family – we have been in some bad financial straits before. But we’ve never had such a frightening and life altering cloud looming on the horizon. During my illness 4 years ago we racked up a bunch of credit card debt – but it was with the knowledge that we’d have two reasonably healthy adults working together to pull us out of it eventually.

This time I feel like I’m leaping off of a cliff, and my parachute – my Gerry – may not be there to help me sail out of it. Your good thoughts, prayers and wishes for us give me the strength I need to face this, and give Gerry a sense that he’s wandered into the most amazing community one could find. It’s a terrible way to find this out, but it’s a beautiful thing to know.

I feel compelled to mention – in light of the fact that many of you are helping us with the costs associated with this illness – that we are very frugal people, we are incredibly careful with our money (vacation house next week aside…) and we will make sure that any amount you have entrusted to us will be spent as intelligently and cost effectively as possible. Thank you for your love and your trust. Please know how appreciated it is, and how overwhelmed we are.

Thank you.

Annie, Gerry, Hannah & Max

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