Rushing, rushing

We’re in a very golden time now – probably the best Gerry will feel until a while after the bone marrow transplant. They’ve cut down some of his meds so he doesn’t have some of the side effects, but he’s still feeling the good effects from the Zometa and steroids. I hope he continues to feel this well through July, and is in very good shape for the transplant, which has been scheduled to begin on Aug 7th. Now we have a date.

I’m writing this when I should be going to CVS to pick up milk and then running by the PO box to see what’s inside. But here I am, blogging. I can hear Gerry getting some of the recycling out to the curb, and I’ve got guilt on top of that. I can’t get him to sit – PLEASE SIT, GERRY – I HAVE TO GO OUT OF TOWN AND I CAN’T GO SO WORRIED!

Guilt assuage: I folded a few loads of laundry to day and packed for all of us – I’m taking the kids clothes up with me so Gerry has less to deal with on Sunday. He’s all packed, too, and his suitcase is in the car with the walker. I just have to put the soft roof rack in the car so we can use it on the way back.

Today we’re meeting with a contractor to actually hear the bid. Yikes. Then Jennie The Potter is picking me up and we’re going up to Duluth together. She’s doing a craft show up there, I’m speaking to the guild and teaching at Yarn Harbor, then she’ll drive home and I’ll hang around waiting for Gerry and the kids to arrive on Sunday.

That’s when the vacation starts (back home on Friday – thanks to our house sitters!) and we’re all SO looking forward to it!

This arrived a few days ago – it was actually SEVERAL dozen, but these are all that are left.

They were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, TANIS – and so generous and wonderful of you!

Luckily, today this arrived (watch out world, I’ll soon be amazingly thin with my Pilates circle!)

Having a husband who’s becoming so thin is a strong inducement to lose a bit of weight myself…

Mysteriously – 5 cases of Diet Coke arrived (wha–? It’s hysterical, and as you know – I do love my diet coke.)

I’ll try to be sensible and keep it down to a can a day.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs After selling off our HUGE furniture, we were lacking a good chair in the living room. It’s become more important because

Gerry really needs a place to rest, to get on the computer and to snooze if he wants. I’ve been on the lookout for a smallish recliner, one that’s not overstuffed and is still comfortable.

Yesterday I had an inkling I may find one at IKEA – so I passed by there on my errands and found this in AS IS. It was $260 marked down from $550 – because the recliner cable had broken.

I spent a good 2 hours on it last night, and finally jimmied it in a non-satisfying way (I’ll readress it – it WILL recline now, but it’s not an elegant looking solution…)

At any rate, it was a good bargain, it’s comfortable leather (Amy Singer and I were pondering the question the other day – would a vegan sit on a leather sofa?) and Gerry likes it. Yay!

He fell asleep in it yesterday, and I was very happy.

Max hit the ball several times yesterday, and made a play at first base. I was here working on the aformentioned recliner, so I missed it.

Perhaps he only does well when I’m not there…?

At any rate, Gerry was able to go to the game and saw it – and it meant the world to Max.

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