Crazy Worried

12:45 Update

He’s home. They went to see a movie, they got home and got my message and called the hotel I’m staying at, got the front desk, were put through to my room and apparently the PHONE DIDN’T RING. So I finally called home again at 12:30 – didn’t get through – but I did get through on his cell phone.

My own cell is totally powerless now, but at least I know he’s okay!

I am not a worrier – really – not usually. My deepest childhood fear is falling off of a bridge in a car and getting trapped. For that reason – until just a few years ago – I never owned a car with electric windows. So my mind was filled with horrible things, and now I’m going to try to get 5 hours sleep so I can teach tomorrow.

I think so much of my pent up worry found it’s way into my active brain this evening.

As to why the phone in my room didn’t ring? Who knows. The woman at the desk had no idea. Probably the same reason I have to go sit in the hall to get enough of a wireless signal to check my email or blog. I’m in the hall right now.

I think I’ll be staying somewhere else tomorrow…

Today was messed up; bumped from flight, gate change, killer traffic from Detroit to Sarnia, Ontario and when I arrived at 7:05 (5 minutes late) there was one person to hear me speak. So we had a nice chat, Susan, Terri (the shop owner) and me.

Where the hell is Gerry?

I’ll do a post mortem later to determine how attendance could have been improved, but a hot Wednesday night in the middle of Summer is probably reason #1!

When I arrived at my hotel and turned on the TV, this is what I saw:

I can’t get a hold of Gerry. My cell phone battery is dying and I don’t have a charger. I was FINALLY able to get through after almost 2 hours of dialing and left messages on his cell and our home (where the hell IS he? It’s 10:00 out there!)

Where the hell is Gerry?

I keep telling myself, “There’s NO good reason why he’d be over by 35W…” Except his brother is in town and they might have been doing some sight seeing. Max was with them today.

I left the hotel number for Gerry – forcing myself to speak slowly and repeat the number twice. Obviously I cannot sleep until I hear from him. I’m supposed to teach at 9:00 tomorrow – I’ve been told the class will be a good size (yay!)

Where the hell is Gerry?

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