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The Twin Cities are like a small town. Obviously they’re the biggest cities in MN, and have all of the benefits of living in a big city, but in the past 6 months of living here I’ve been so struck by how interconnected each person I meet is with so many others. It’s a very connected – and loving – city, and I can only imagine the pain that everyone feels right now back home.

And this is how I know that the TC is our home – I feel terrible to be away now. I wish I were there and could do something.

Here’s a link to the TC Red Cross. Please thing about making a donation – and if you live in MN think about giving blood because the reserves are getting low. 20 folks are still missing.

When I couldn’t locate Gerry last night an online friend kindly sent me the hotline number – here’s that info for anyone who may need it and not know where to get it:

Family Assistance Center

(612) 871-7676
Holiday-Inn Metrodome
1500 Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

NOTE – Due to call volume, they are currently experiencing difficulties with our phone systems.

To register yourself as SAFE and WELL or to search for information on a loved one – please visit

Oddly, as I was getting dressed on Wed I thought, “I should give blood before we go to Rochester – this is the time when blood is really needed…” I used to donate blood a lot in NYC.
Listening to the TV last night, hearing the reporters conjecture on the folks who were trapped in cars – “The myth of the air bubble isn’t true…” just turned me inside out.

When I heard that Gerry was okay, I was so grateful. And then kept thinking all night, “There are at least 20 other families that are sleepless, worried, imagining the worst…”

Folks, listen to this mom – CALL YOUR FAMILIES just to say “Hi” and “I love you!”

It is almost laughably cliche, but when Gerry dropped me off at the airport I didn’t like the way he pulled up to the curb. I thought I was running late, I was stressed, and I snapped at him, “Oh, just pull up for god’s sake!”

My last comments to him before I left were annoyed, and my goodbye kiss to him was grudging. I almost forgot to kiss poor Maxie, and it wasn’t the ‘loving mommy kiss’ I would have liked it to be.

I’m so glad that’s not the last physical connection we’ll have.

I know as soon as I get to my class I’ll be able to focus – right now I’m wondering HOW I’ll focus, but I know it will come. Be really nice to everyone today.

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