Free Tix Anyone?

Here’s the thing – I have 5 tickets to the Prairie Home Companion show at the state fair for this Friday, but we can’t use them.

I got them LONG ago – I think in April – we thought it would be fun to have Gerry’s mom come out to MN for the State Fair and take her to see the show. This was, of course, before the diagnosis of MM.

And definitely before Gerry’s actual 9-hour transplant procedure was scheduled for this Friday.

Ironically, Gerry’s mom IS coming out, but she’ll be in Rochester with the rest of us. And NOT to see Prairie Home Companion – more’s the pity.

So, long story short, we can’t use the tickets. Anyone want them? Free?

I have 5, and I can divide them up however you want (you don’t need to take all 5) The dig is that I’m in Rochester, MN. The show is up in St. Paul this Friday.

And you are – where?

So if you’re not in the Rochester area and want to pay for overnight mailing so you’ll have them in time, I’ll be happy to send them to you tomorrow. If you’re in the Rochester area we can arrange for you to get them from us in the next few days.

Email me back by noon tomorrow
and I’ll pick the brief, non-attachment email message that makes Gerry laugh the hardest.

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