Today Sucked. Yes, It did.

Tomorrow at 5:45 we have to be at the Mayo – he’s having his central line put in, so from now on no more needle sticks for his blood draws and for his chemo. He’s more upset about the early hour than he is scared about the procedure.

Tomorrow has GOT to be better than today.

In brief, today I:

  1. Moved us from one room to another in 1-1/2 hours (A thunderstorm knocked out the switchboard, so our wake up call didn’t happen, thus we didn’t have as much time as we needed for the move before we needed to be at Mayo for an appointment.

    The guy at the desk said we had to be moved into our bigger room by 12:30 [Gerry’s mom coming = we need a bigger room] so I did the supermarket sweepstakes of room moves. Dang I’m tired.)

  2. Got talked down to in a condescending “little lady” manner by the resident handyman / I.T. guy here at the hotel (“You’re on a Mac? Oh, well that’s the problem…” Ooooh, I was so damned mad. Still am. Their router is down, so no wifi, obviously it was the storm. How about resetting the modem, genius?

    Did I mention that the handyman was SO condescending and arrogant.

    Have I also mentioned that EVERY woman at this hotel is amazingly kind, but some of the men aren’t?

  3. Ran over an already dead deer.

    (I don’t think it did any damage to the car as I was able to straddle it, but it was exciting. I couldn’t avoid it, there was a car in the lane next to me and it just appeared as I came over a hill. Dang. I envisioned the handyman.)

  4. Was seated outside for dinner 1 table away from a bowl of sugar water filled with huge WASPS who were loaded for bear?

    (We didn’t stay there long, no wonder we were the only folks on the patio…)

  5. Choked so badly on my dinner (to the amusement of the table next to us, who didn’t realize I was choking and thought I was goofing) that I retched (no one laughed at THAT!) and it took me a good 30 minutes for my throat to ‘calm down.’ Scary.

    Or maybe just a pathetic bid for attention after the deer incident garnered little sympathy from Gerry? Can running over a deer cause dysphagia?

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