La Vigneronne

Except for the photo closest to the word “La”, all of these were taken from my room. Amazing, huh?

The class today went really well. It’s funny how much I worry about these classes – well, perhaps not worry but how deep the concern runs until I get going and get a handle on what type of students I have.

In this case, the students are quite wonderful! Since many of the tour are shop owners, they definitely know their way around a knitting needle.

This morning we did some Combination Knitting and ended with Cables (sort of a mainstay for me – and a really good way to get to know the students, how they knit, how adventurous or quietly competent they are.)

This is a wonderful class. So fun, so diverse yet all so open to new things and great conversation. Perhaps the wine helps…?

Kristeen & Phil are really wonderful tour hosts. Their love for this region is absolutely infectious! Everyone’s gone off shopping, but I’m staying here to rest and answer emails.

BTW, if you email me and don’t get a response, don’t worry! I had SO many emails yesterday and today, it will take me a LONG time to catch up.

The food so far has been absolutely amazing. Simple, traditional country French. So well prepared, so delicious.

I’m not a foodie – I don’t cook a lot – but I love good food. I don’t know as much about it, or wine, as I hope to some day. But that doesn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the lovely meals!

But I do know that this is among the most satisfying food that I’ve had in my life. Delicious and satisfying, excellent wine, amazing desserts. C’est parfait! And the more I drink, the better my French gets!

Kristeen & Phil weren’t kidding when they said the goal of their tours is to rest. After only one day everyone seems to be experiencing their own personal “Enchanted September!” and we are all so relaxed. Fabulous!

We’ve been able to email back and forth – thank heaven! He told me that Monday he had to have two pints of blood in a transfusion because his hemoglobin levels were low. This isn’t unexpected, but – of course – I hate to not be there. Okay, not hate – because I’m having an amazing time here.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Gerry at the Gatwick airport – I wonder why?

He and his mom have been walking to the clinic and home as much as possible, which is wonderful for both of them. The more he walks, the faster his recovery and the stronger his lungs remain.

Plus it gets them out, gives them something to do, and allows them to enjoy the fresh air every day. I get a feeling that the boredom is almost as debilitating as the nausea.

That’s coming up this Wed and should last for 10 days or so. Poor Gerry. We’ll drink a toast to him!

I’ve downloaded some music, a kind of soundtrack to this place for my current historically-geared listening ear, The Second Circle by Anonymous 4.

Check them out, they’re wearing sweaters on their webpage! I wonder if they’re knitters?

It’s a collection of love songs from the late 14th Cent by an Italian composer, Francesco Landini. (I think it was the Landi part that interested me…)

For my mind, the music fits how I feel in this place. It’s joyful, but calm – and very simple.

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