Quel heure et il?

I swear, I’m still on Mediterranean Time – I want to sleep when it’s daylight and get up at dusk.

I’m in Sacramento, and I’ve seldom had such a warm welcome from any group as I did this morning when I met the Camellia City Stockin’ettes

What a lovely group of folks – how much fun we had today! I have another day with them tomorrow, with two of my best and favorite classes (Lace & Cables) so I’m really looking forward to getting up in the MORNING!

After class I drove to Trader Joe’s to pick up some faux airborne so I can fight off any residual effects of too much teaching and work and air time, not enough good, solid rest.

I called Gerry and we had a nice chat – I miss him – I miss the kids & Elaine – I miss Atticus and Gigi. Heck, I just plain miss Minnesota. Sacramento seems really lovely, the weather is splendid today, but it’s not home.

The lovely thing about being away, though, is that I’m too far from the vacuum cleaner or laundry room to be able to do much physical labor. The past week has been so much physical work, running up and down stairs, cleaning, packing, unpacking, mopping and putting away, etc. I ran myself a bit ragged trying to get things ready for Gerry to come home so soon, and getting ready for this trip.

Once I get home I have a break – a bit unexpected [surprise!] – until I leave for my next trip. I’m glad, though. It will be good to have time together as a family, and Hannah’s birthday’s coming up. I have NO idea what she’d like to do – I’d love for her to have a small party for her new friends, so I need to ask her what sort of thing she’d like to do.

I have to say I’m definitely feeling the effects of jet lag, and I’m really happy to have this evening to just veg in my hotel room, watch TV, do a little knitting and just rest.

I love bed. This bed is a nice one. The internet is nothing to write home about (ethernet cable required, the one provided is about 20″ long – d’oh!) and there’s no free breakfast here I find that so odd in this day and age – this is the first place I’ve stayed in YEARS that didn’t have a complimentary breakfast – eh, go figure. This will be my last visit to a Marriott Courtyard for a while, I was spoiled by Staybridge Suites in Rochester over the past 2 months!

While I’m resting – and not posting much tonight – here are some images from France in my flickr gallery. Enjoy!

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modeknit's France 2007 photoset modeknit’s France 2007 photoset

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