Lovely Day

Today was my day off – and I spent it resting and moving into a new hotel (Doubletree) closer to Rumplestiltskin, where I’ll be teaching on Tues.

Wednesday I’ll drive to San Mateo for some classes at Nine Rubies. Thurs Petaluma for Knitterly and Friday on to Santa Rosa and Knitting Workshop.

But today – today was for me. I relaxed and rested and revived myself.

Across the street from my new hotel is a shopping center with a Nordstroms – gold! I really love the Nordstrom’s Cafe, the salads are wonderful and I had the BEST chicken, apple & goat cheese salad with a glass of iced tea followed by a nice cup of tea and a cookie. I sat out on a terrace, the sun was shining and it was just cool enough to make me glad that I had my shawl with me. What a lovely, sunny, pleasant, peaceful day!

Then I shopped a bit – looked at new silhouettes and bought a small purse (my own had ripped apart on the way back from France – luckily I discovered this before I lost my passport!

Then back to my room for some resting, writing and knitting.

This evening I ended the day with a lovely visit to Joan MM’s house, finally meeting her husband and son. She’s so lovely, and her family is so kind! Her husband made us a wonderful dinner – absolutely delicious – and I got a chance to admire their “box” (a home away from home trailer, a terrific on-the-road refuge from the fiber shows & conventions!) I also met their affectionate cat, Moxie. Great cat! One of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! I told Joan she should design a colorway based on Moxie’s beautiful black and tan coat.

I have no pictures of my visit, though, because my camera battery charger has gone to the electronics warehouse in the sky. A new one should be on its’ way to my home, hopefully there when I get home, but until then my blog will be rather photo-free. Dang. Trust me, though, we ALL looked exceptionally beautiful!

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