I give 9 a TEN!

I so enjoyed my last two days (last day, actually…) teaching at Nine Rubies in San Mateo. The staff there – Jocelyn, Sudha and Saloni (in no certain order, girls, you’re ALL pretty…) were so accommodating, so kind and made me feel very much at home.

The students were incredibly thoughtful and hard working. I’ve found that over and over on this trip – so much for the stereotype of the free-wheeling Northern Californian! These knitters are SERIOUS about their passion, and they’re THINKING knitters. The best kind of knitter a teacher can have!

Everyone in the class was brilliant – seriously – those who didn’t think highly of their skills left thinking much better about their knitting. And those who already felt good left – I hope – feeling even more accomplished. I worked both classes hard, I made them sweat in the evening class (Lace) more than in the Combo class, but everyone impressed me. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

All of your advice on the knitting video was wonderful – I got the message about the music LOUD and CLEAR, and I have a lot of food for thought on the other points. I’ve done a little video editing – Gerry’s done a lot more – so now I have to explore editing for a DVD so that I can try to address some of the intelligent concerns (repeating easily, breaking into small enough bits to go back easily, etc.) without breaking the bank.

Who knows WHAT will be coming up for me in the next few months – I’m leaving myself pretty wide open except for teaching – and it feels scary, but very good. Rest.

Bags Unpacked
I’m in Santa Rosa right now, checked into my hotel and ready to head up to Knitterly for a cable class this evening. Ah, cables – how I love you!

My car is sitting in the registration bin, I have a luggage cart in my room, but I’m so darned exhausted that I couldn’t bring myself to drag my sorry butt down to return the cart or move the car right away. I’m vamping by blogging, but I’ll run down in 10 minutes – and then off to Petaluma for class. I’m such a do-right, I’ve really only had my car down there for 20 minutes, but the guilt starts immediately!

When I arrived in my room there was a lovely basket of wine and cheese, tea, treats from Knitting Workshop – I feel like I’m back in France! Thank you, Sandi!

How lucky am I to have such a wonderful welcome – I hope I can do a good job for them at their shop!

10:30 pm update
Nausea, Jammies & Tea

My class tonight went great – an engaged class, lots of laughs, and I whipped them into shape lovingly with faux fearsome banter. But I felt off – physically – and I had all afternoon since lunch. When I arrived at my hotel room I felt a little iffy, but I showered and headed to the gig at Knitterly hoping that the groove of knitting would keep me above water.

I got through most of the class – I felt a little weave-y at times, but worked through the cabling and the bobbles, but then I broke into a cold sweat and suddenly felt very nauseas and dizzy. Ick. After a quick trip to the bathroom, I decided I just had to get back to my hotel (it was 10 minutes to the end of class anyway – thankfully I’d signed books for folks during the class break!)

I got back to my room, 15 miles away, in good time – and just in time to make full use of – as we used to call it in college – the ceramic goddess. I think the shrimp tempura I had for lunch in San Mateo didn’t agree with me. I felt a little off as soon as I ate it, but that feeling subsided as I drove up to Petaluma (what a beautiful drive, by the way!)

But apparently it didn’t agree with me – in a major way. So now I’m feeling much better, in my jammies in bed (there’s WiFi at this hotel – the first time this trip and BOY do I need it this time!) with a cup of Earl Grey and Olbermann on the TV.

Actually, Keith is interviewing the big dog, so I’m kind of in wonky-girl heaven… And then Stewart & Colbert are on (I haven’t had access to Comedy Central all week)

Now THAT’S good for what ails me! And here’s my own private North Dakota…

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