A Note to the Anonymous Critics

Get a mitt and get in the game.

I am not perfect, are you? If this is the place where you feel good criticizing someone else, you may need to examine what it is that compels you to insist that the world around you is perfect.

If, indeed, you are perfect, then you must be a deity. How happy for you. Let me know when your next temple goes up and I’ll stop by for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

If you are not perfect, then you should understand that folks who are perfectionist make everyone around them walk on eggshells, afraid that they’ll do something wrong that will – of course – be immediately picked up and broadcast.

I hope for your sake that you do NOT live among perfectionists. But perhaps you did (or have) and that’s why you expect perfection from others?

– Yes, Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota. I know that. My work of art is NOT Mt. Rushmore so I thought I’d spread the love around.

– Anonymous #2 from last night: Perhaps someone will “BY” me a dictionary. Won’t that be a nyce thing? See, I can do it, too. We all can. Finding fault is not a hard thing, it just makes us feel good for – oh – about 5 seconds. I think life is too short for that.

– Anonymous #1 from a few days ago (hmm, why are you guys usually anonymous?): Yes, I spelled the French wrong. Quel Dommage. Evidently I have an aversion to dictionaries. You can commiserate with anonymous #2 above. But I don’t have an aversion to being kind, which is why I try not to attack folks anonymously (I always attack with my face exposed…)

Actually, later in the post I talk about how “tyred” I am, both headings were meant to imply how exhausted and out of it I felt at the time.

Irony is wasted on perfectionists – must be a sad life.

So now to do some laundry before lunch, and to continue to get over my stomach upset from last night.

(including the Anonymous critics)

Cut yourselves some slack, and you’ll be able to cut some slack for those around you.

Suddenly the world will seem a better place. A small mistake will not end the world, but a perfectionist attitude will make the world very hard to live in.*

Screw some small thing up today – on purpose – and enjoy it.

*I’m sure a few of you will think I’m representing the fall of civilization, I’m not.

I’m a thorough, responsible human being who lives a pretty good life and doesn’t screw up on a regular basis. Well, I try not to.

But when I do – when anyone does – the least helpful thing is to leap on that mistake.

Find a way to enjoy some imperfections, you’ll be happier.

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