Ignorance = Bliss. And few are as ignorant as I!

Don’t worry about me folks, I [try to] ignore what doesn’t move me toward a more peaceful, blissful state. I don’t always succeed, but with the help of my faithful (and kind) blog readers, I have an easier time than I might. Thank you!

I didn’t mean to hurt you, Rumplestiltskin! I just realized that I didn’t mention my teaching there AT ALL! Believe me, that has more to do with my internet access immediately following the shop than with the shop!

I adored my time there – but didn’t really have a good chance to sit down and blog about it afterward, and it was lost in the shuffle of moving on to a new yarn shop! My day class there – lace – was a hoot!

I was THRILLED to see Scott in the class, he knit the Zip Front Top (shown on sexy rasta man in Men Who Knit) and a really great guy. He also knit one version of the Wavy Lace Scarf in Romantic Hand Knits. Fab. This guy is hard core – in a knitterly way. Hey Scott!

I was fried, it’s true, but if I’d had more sense I’d have asked him to have a beer after class. But I didn’t, so I missed out on [yet another] opportunity to drink with a tatooed guy. Damn.

What’s the use of being on the road if I can’t drink with the bikers?

Instead I went out dining with Julie – an extraordinary student from France and all around wonderful person. We’re plotting our duo mother-daughter trip to France (we have daughters the same age) and who knows – it just may happen!

The day class was packed, but the evening class wasn’t so full. A shame. The folks there were exceptional, and it was a chance for me to really take time to work with individual students. But I realized after class was over that I really shine when I have an audience. I’m a hog for the spotlight – now you know…

So my time at Rumplestiltskin – which seemed to be an exceptionally well stocked shop of very encouraging folks – was fun and very nice. My only regret was that I didn’t take time to visit the tea shop next to the yarn shop while I had the chance. I love tea!

Right now I’m in a little bit of heaven. Class today for Knitting Workshop went beautifully (30 women, all cabling like a a a aaaabus-and-truck of Riders to the Sea) and then I was off on my own for a short stroll around Santa Rosa (lovely, lovely place) and a drink at a local restaurant while I wanted for my carry-out dinner. Almost room service. Room service with a Tanqueray & Tonic (with a splash of Rose’s Lime)

Life is good.

Now I’m back at my room, in the comfy chair (love the square chair & ottoman – my favorite pieces of furniture in a hotel room!) I’ve finished my pasta and had a bit of my wine (a dessert wine masquerading as cool-aid – just the way I like it – I’m such a wine idiot!) so I’m ready for bed when the spirit moves me.

I’m having a cup of Lady Grey tea (I keep calling it “Lady Jane Grey” – not the most restful image for a cup of tea…) and watching What Not To Wear.

Okay – I do love
Tim Gunn’s show (but what is VW doing there? She’s just not doing it for me…) – but WNTW is my favorite “Change your LOOK!” show. Stacey London cracks me up – so there!

But best of all? After my two classes tomorrow – which will be exceptional and loads of fun – I catch a flight HOME! I’m looking forward to that, baby!

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