Sick Day

I’m taking a bit of a sick day today. Yesterday I did a lot of running around, I’m still getting over my trip(s), and I just need to lay low before a toe up sock class this evening at the Textile Center.

I’ve heard from Becka over there that they still have a few openings, so if you’re in the twin cities and you’d like to take a toe up sock class with me this evening starting around 6:00, contact the center and I’m sure you can still sign up!

Until then, enjoy!

The class was great – the students were fun but I just didn’t feel as clear as I’d like to have been. They seemed to enjoy the class – I did, too – but I just wish I could have felt more present. I think it was the rain. Most of us were a bit late, and all of us had that “I’ve just been through evil rain-soaked traffic” look about us…

I did, however, stop on the way home and pick up a chocolate Black Cat for Hannah’s morning birthday surprise – I try to give her something small and special when she wakes up on her big day.

I also got petit fours for her and Max to have with their breakfasts. Gotta love Whole Foods.

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