Have Cat, Will Haunt

Gigi was absolute MADE for this holiday. Which is why the dear young lady will be staying IN tonight (a black cat is just too much of a temptation for some on Halloween!)

Last night as I was wrapping up to go to bed Gerry came downstairs with Shiloh dressed as – An American Girl Doll! (Kit, to be exact)

Wow – a perfect fit. And the funny thing? The kitten seemed to like it. Perhaps there’s something about this cat we’ve yet to figure out?

I asked Hannah what prompted her to dress up the cat? “He just looked like he wanted a costume…”

So we did minimal decorating until late this afternoon, when I whipped up a spiderweb on the table out of twine, then transferred it out to the tree in the front yard where we’ve place a large and happy spider.

I also made Maxie a scythe. Yes, he wants to be death. Ironic, no?

We also filled some rubber gloves with the inside grody stuff from the pumpkin, shown under the pumpkin in the picture to left.

This stuff makes an AMAZING filling for body parts, and the extra bonus? The seeds look like fingernails. Groovy. They’re tied onto the bushes out front. Right at face level.

So, against all odds, once again we’ve pulled a memorable Halloween out of thin air. Remember last year when our house was on the market so we could move to MN? Before we knew Gerry was sick – before his back was even hurting?

And finally, here is a video that makes me laugh so hard I pee. Scary, huh? I have no idea WHY this makes me laugh – it’s from a Monty Python – but Gerry grabbed it for me a few days ago and I watch it every now and then.

Whenever he wants to make me dissolve into giggles he’ll say, in a German accent, “How does he SMELL?”

This is marriage.

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