On to Edmonton!

It was very hard to say goodbye to Emerald Lake – and the amazing breakfast this morning didn’t help matters.

I slept SO well last night – while many of the retreat participants had a pajama party, I went to my room, lit a fire and read myself to sleep – wonderful!

I woke up feeling just slightly guilty for feeling being so happily tucked into bed – but not guilty enough to get out of bed until 9:00 am!

This morning one of my students from yesterday showed me her swatch and explained that she was not terribly excited about learning cabling without a cable needle.

But, she said, she ended up really enjoying the CWACK technique I taught (AND she was able to ‘memorize’ her lace so she could work pretty much chart free on the start of her Wavy Lace & Cable scarf!)

What a lovely thing to hear – I was so grateful to her for taking the time to tell me that. So I made her take my picture [above]

Sander took me back to Calgary a little early, so I was able to just make the 4:00 pm bus and get into Edmonton 2 hours earlier than I might have. I am SO grateful to her for getting me there on time – what a difference it makes to check into a hotel at 8:00 pm vs. 11:00 pm!!

The bus was lovely – comfortable and smooth, with a movie (Shrek III) and free snacks. And no one took away my concealer. AND I finished Max’s socks and was able to start on some for Hannah (I added new toes to Max’s sock to make them a little longer…)

Tomorrow I teach at River City Yarns – Wire Knitting in the morning, and Double Knitting in the afternoon. Both are really fun classes, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much trouble I can get everyone into…

Then on Tuesday is a lace class (more wavy scarves!) and I end with Combination Knitting.

I fly home on Wednesday – home! And, of course, it only dawned on me that it’s the busiest travel season of the year. Lucky me. On Friday the holiday season officially begins when I have the traditional black Friday mammogram.

I’m putting thinking about T-Day on hold for a few days – too much to carry around in my mind… It’s enough for me that just about every day this year has been some kind of a thanksgiving.

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