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And who has time?

I’m finishing up a few items for yarn companies – late, or barely late – but enjoying the knitting immensely. Lorna’s Laces has a new organic wool that I’ve been fiddling with, it knits up like a dream and is very forgiving, creates a nice fabric.

I’m working up two items in this yarn, one is a short, asymmetrical “O” cabled cardigan (in the coral shown at left.)

The other is a longer cardigan with a short bodice worked in a worsted weight yarn, the skirt and sleeve bottoms worked in the dk yarn, in a light mustard color.

I still (!) don’t have the top for Tilli Tomas finished – MUST DO THAT THIS WEEK!

Odd how I can drag my feet when I get to the end of a project. Just one more sleeve – oh, and writing the pattern… (But it’s pretty cut and dried, not a lot of shaping, so it should be relatively simple to write up.)

Aside from the work knitting, I also have some holiday / gift knitting to get done. Or, to be honest, just plain old family we-need-hats knitting. We need hats. I want to make a hat for Gerry, worked in a doubleknit, with Muench’s Touch-me on the inside and Ksar, a nice camel/wool, on the outside. Soft, warm and comfortable for the head with not-much-hair.

Max needs a groovy hat, so I’ll work him something out of Noro – I have an extra ball I’ve been playing with, and I think he’ll love the colors.

Hannah’s going to get the scarf that I started up in Banff, worked up in a lovely shade of blue by Sheep Shop (I was unfamiliar with this yarn before. I’d seen it, but not used it – and I really, really like it! It was excellent for classes – and makes a nice scarf!)

I’m using some Bonnie by Louet in a nice comparable colorway to make a hat, which I’ll trim with the leftover Sheep Shop yarn. She HATES wearing hats, but she’s got to get over that as the temperature drops lower and lower every day.

Cat Tricks
Shiloh has a new trick. He’s a born hunter – he stalks our socks and sits at the window for hours watching the birds. Now he’s found a small blue ball and carries it up the stairs, releases it so it bounces down the stairs and chases it all the way.

The little bell inside rings, he’s as happy as can be, and he burns up a lot of energy. It makes me smile just hearing it. I can tell we’ll have to put the ball away when it gets to be time for bed, though.

He and Gigi are becoming quite close, cleaning each other and enjoying each other’s warmth. Gigi was sitting outside of Hannah’s room this morning mewing for him (he sleeps with Hannah) so I think it’s time to move his litter box downstairs with hers and then have them both start using the same box. They grow up so fast…

World Travelers & TCOB
Since we live so close to Canada, it seems a shame not to have passports. So this morning we went as a family to the Post Office to renew Gerry’s passport, and to apply for passports for the kids. It’s an expense, but a very good thing to have – and now we can leave the country if we need or want to.

We came home and I finally called the local Temple to make an appointment to talk to the director about joining and signing the kids up for Hebrew school. This is the kind of stuff that is hard to get done when I’m just home for a day or two at a time. I was gratified to hear that the director is an avid knitter (her words) so I can tell already that she’s a very good person…

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