Winter Wonder Land(y)

I haven’t written for a few days. I’ve been recovering.

From this.

Of course, Gerry didn’t tube – he manned the camera.

We’ve pretty much decided to have Max’s birthday party here, though – finally, a really GOOD Winter birthday choice! And a low-tech chalet for some fine hot chocolate and cake later!

I was low key – I didn’t go down as much as the kids ; ) – but it was great fun and a much needed physical release for the whole family.

However, I had VERY sore arms on Monday from the tow rope (it took me a few passes to figure it out – and I’m afraid my outfit was perhaps the least flattering thing I could have worn – but who cares, really?)

Last night we picked up a Christmas tree – earlier in the day I dropped off our Mount Zion application, so we’re hitting all the bases. Now to get the tree UP and the presents wrapped before I leave town on Thursday (a wrapped package doesn’t need hiding – maybe.)

Everyone’s getting into the decorating frenzy.

I’m psyched about going to Florida – I was there last year to teach in Tampa at a large venue, this will be my first time at yarn shops and, I have to admit, some sun would be a nice change of pace!

I only wish I could take my perpetually frozen husband with me (along with the transplant and weight loss comes new metabolism and lots of layering for the poor guy!)

The Lorna’s Laces sweater is nearing the finish. I worked up the ENTIRE sweater on size 8/5mm, but it just seemed WAY too tight and heavy of a fabric. I experimented as I worked up a sleeve, and I liked a looser knit and more open-ness, so I revamped the entire pattern.

This is why big swatches are good – especially for me – but this is the kind of thing that’s really hard to see until almost the entire sweater is done. And now I have a better idea of how this particular yarn “relaxes” – or doesn’t – and what kind of fabric works best with the yarn.

It’s lovely yarn, though – a real dream to knit up! And it looks just as good when it’s reknit (and reknit again) which isn’t always the case for some yarns.

When this is finished I have a second sweater in the same yarn – two different weights of it – and my goal is to have both finished and to LL by Jan 1. It leaves precious little time for knitting gifts, but I’m not doing much of them.

It’s sad, I usually don’t knit many gifts, which is part of that Queen Midas thing that affects professional knitters. We’re too busy earning our living through our passion that we don’t have time to engage in the passion for purely personal reasons.

Which is why the cobbler’s kids never have new shoes.

And designers’ kids seldom have new hand-knit socks…

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