Sorry about the missing blog – I got a little wacky with my blogger code and dns settings and paid for it. But now I’m back – and have settled into the domain modeknit.com – not modeknit.com/blog as I was before. Change is good (sometimes!)

So I’m in Miami – and I’m flying home in 8 hours. I’ve had a nice time here- a very WONDERFUL time at Anneke‘s Needlework yesterday – and a groovy time in my convertible PT Cruiser.

I’d rented a compact car, but by the time I got to the parking lot to pick out my car from the row of compact ones, there were none left! I was told, “Just pick the next one over…” So I did.

And it was a PT Cruiser convertible. Woo.

¿It looks good with barbeque, si?

I’ve been getting a bit of knitting done here and there – I finished a cardigan and found a student in my class yesterday to try it on (thanks!) Her photo has been removed to protect the innocent.

Speaking of innocent (or protection… Shari?) here’s a shot of another of my continuing string of knitters anonymous meetings masquerading as knitting classes.

I’ve really loved this trip – Florida has been great!

And – even with all my moaning about the heat – driving around with the top down after class last night was a memory that I’ll carry with me for the balance of the winter up in St. Paul. Delicious!

I realized as I pulled into Anneke’s yesterday that I was in a black convertible, with black interior, wearing black pants and a black shirt. Yes, I picked a car that I can look thin in.

But it will be delightful to see the kids and Gerry again, and to prepare for Christmas! I think we’re getting set – we picked up a tree last week, I put up lights the day before I left town (and that was COLD work, let me tell you!) and we need to get final stocking stuffers and food for Christmas dinner, but all in all we’re in good shape.

And then I settle in for a month at home. What a luxury! I know I shouldn’t raise expectations on myself – that’s the best way to freeze up – but I’m really hoping to get a decent amount of designing and swatching finally finished while I’m home in January. We’ll see…

Right now I’m getting a lot of my inspiration from news TV – sort of a sad commentary, huh? The political geek / knit designer, that would be me.

Speaking of swatching, check out this cute ‘canoe’ that Kathe worked up during the Mitered Bag class at KnitWitz in Jacksonville – too adorable! This is the bottom of the bag, and Kathe amused us all by adding some embroidered oars to the side of this little ship.

Well, sleeping’s been weird the past few days. I was up at 4:00 – now it’s 5:30, but I’m exhausted so I’ll hit the sack again and try to get 3 more hours of sleep before I head off to the airport. Life is weird today – I’m having a hard time finding my rhythm.

Home sounds like the most beautiful word in the world right now.

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