A Happy Christmas Message

Here’s a little giftie for all my favorite knitters (that would be youyes, just you – no one else…)

I ripped it from the movie Miss Potter, which was lent to me by Kathe at KnitWitz.

I watched in my hotel room night before last, and it was a WONDERFUL movie (two thumbs up – waaaay up) Or, as Mick La Salle at the San Fran Chronicle said, “A Beautiful and Enchanting Movie” Yes it’s very, very good and I’m glad I watched it.

Unfortunately, I found myself dissolving into tears – I didn’t realize that Beatrix lost her love suddenly through illness – that was a shocker.

Begin alone in hotel rooms makes me more weepy.

And there I was, running to the tiny bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream I keep for such an emergency.

So enjoy – and keep your Bailey’s dry.

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