I should be in bed.

Oh, wait – I am!

Well, almost. I’m about to go back up to bed because I’m suffering (I tells ya) Suffering with a sore, sore throat (not strep, the doc did the test yesterday and I don’t have THAT, thank heaven) just a sore throat, runny nose and general malaise.

So, it being Saturday, I’m thinking I should be just fine for my flight to TNNA in Long Beach on Thursday. Nothing like a little enforced rest, n’est ce pas?

Previous Sweaters

The two sweaters shown on yesterdays post are new designs for Lorna’s Laces. The pattern is written for the first one (yellow) and is about to be written for the reddish one. It’s with their new organic wool, and it feels very nice!

With any luck I should have the pattern available for sale very soon – within a few weeks – on my website. I think I shall call it, “Gwenda”*

3:43 am Sunday Update: The patterns are sent out, folks – stay tuned for the official “final” version of the pattern when I get back from TNNA! And my throat hurts.

Sorry – offer expired! And because I’m feverish, here’s an offer… To anyone who asks nicely before midnight tonight, I’ll send you the raw pdf version of the pattern and you can try it out. NOTE: I won’t supply yarn, I won’t supply anything other than the pattern – and it’s up to you to fight through it. I don’t even have yarn specs aside from “worsted weight” and “dk weight” because that’s all the info I was given!

Actually, this is my own sneaky way of getting it test knitted. It’s a win/win situation: You get a free pattern (for a very limited time!) and I’ll find some of the glaring errors that I haven’t been able to see through my Nyquil haze.

Back to bed. With yarn and needles. And an audio book – weee!

*I’m listening to World Without End by Ken Follett, which contains a character named Gwenda. This looks – to my mind – like something she would wear…

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