Survey Results

Here are the promised results from the very unofficial survey I put up on Friday.

I hadn’t realized that I’d be limited to the first 100 responses – I don’t have a Surveymonkey account (but if I did more surveys I would – the website is very easy to use!)

So – for what it’s worth – look this over and see what you glean. I found that pretty much all of my own, personal responses fell well within the majority responses. I’m part of the crowd – who knew?

What I take from this is that we’re not paid well, we love what we do, we put a lot of ourselves into what we do, and we’re a pretty bright bunch.

Bright enough, I think, to find a way to bridge this compensation / workload gap. Any worthwhile job is going to be a buttload of hard work – no one’s complaining about that.

But the minimum number of hours that go into a design assignment are so great that we’re left unable to put more time into our marketing, promotion or just quality of life.

So – something to ponder. But I hate to think what any of my editors this year would say if I asked them to work for 1984 standard compensation for editorial work…

And now – I go sleep – good heavens let this sore throat be gone by Wed so I can fly with pure joy on Thursday!

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