So I’m here at TNNA, sort of feeling at loose ends because I’m not here with any Purpose – just strolling around, eating chocolate and drinking the occasional glass of wine. I’m showing my face – as my husband put it – so that folks know that I’m still around, viable and teaching (and designing!)

I have to say that I’ve been inspired by a lot of the yarns I’ve seen. There aren’t a lot of NEW NEW NEW yarns, but the ones I’ve seen are extraordinary.

Artyarns has some new beaded and sequined yarns that are heavenly, and I’ll probably be working them up in something soon. The problem with coming out here to Long Beach for the summer show is that I get so darned inspired to make SUMMER projects. Just when everyone needs winter ones to prepare for the next TNNA.

Lorna’s Laces has new colorways that are exquisite, and Fiesta has yarns that I’d previously overlooked (high time I paid them attention!)

Honestly, I just feel that I’m too scattered and empty headed to do any of the yarns justice right now – so I’ll try to write about them later!

Folks are incredibly kind – everyone’s been asking about Gerry, very sweet, and their empathy is not so much a burden as a gauntlet of love that I have to run without bursting into tears. I did that today with Nicki Epstein – she’s got that West Virginia thing going on that makes me cry – but otherwise I’ve been able to stay pretty dry in the eye. A minor miracle!

The weather here is lovely – I made a good choice staying at the Holiday Inn (free wifi as well as a decent price) and the rental car has been a dream. Yay. Bravo rental car, though, was a nightmare – so don’t rent from them unless you’re prepared to bring proof of insurance (I’ve NEVER run into that, and I rent an average of 2 cars a month!) and THAT was an annoyance…

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I WAS using two needles – the KnitPicks wooden ones, and my new Signature needles. I was in the process of changing from one needle to the other, and thought I’d snap a photo of my two new needles that I love so much!

The yarn I was using was Malabrigo – which is a dream to knit. They have a new yarn called Dos which I cannot WAIT to try!

Last night Potter Craft had their party – always the best! – and I went with Jess & Casey from Ravelry. We’d had dinner and I drove them there – getting slightly lost and stopping so I could take pictures of the Queen Mary and of them in front of the lighted bridge. Favorite part of the evening – when Casey said, “You didn’t tell us you were a little crazy…” So astute.

The party was lovely – I was more low key that usual but got to spend some quality time with Pam Allen and almost watched a fight break out. Damn. Now I know why they weren’t letting folks have full bottles of wine (just by the glass) Someone could have broken off a bottle and we would have seen some REAL fun. I’m exaggerating – but I do love to see folks having a good time!

I’ve run into SO many yarn shop owners – and it reminded me of how much travel I do! I hit a lot of yarn shops, and love to see folks at TNNA. I’m so glad I came. Thank you, Gerry!

Tonight a group of us are gathering to briefly discuss the whole UNITE thing – I stood up at the Designer & Teachers Meeting yesterday and did my impression of Norma Rae. I don’t anticipate it being a very LONG meeting – just a touching base before we flee to our various commitments, and a promise to stay in touch via yahoo group or email. The internet is an amazing thing!

I had lunch with Eunny Jang today, it’s the first time we’ve had a chance to sit and really MEET in person, and she’s SO lovely (and funny, and genuine!) She has QUITE a job, and she’s managing it with more grace than I could ever muster! It was a fun lunch, and I’m glad we could connect!

I’m off to see more yarn, a few more needles and maybe scam another glass of wine. I need to be careful, though – I’m driving up to LAX tonight at 9:30 for my midnight flight. And I had the presence of mind to arrange a wake up call at 12:30am last night so that I was roused in time to log onto Northwest Airlines and reserve a bulkhead seat. I swear I did that in my sleep. But when I got up, the bulkhead was mine, and the trip home will be SO much more enjoyable!

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