Can YOU Feel It?

I’ve never Caucused, but tonight we’re off to Ramsey Jr. High, to stand in a room with other citizens, and make democracy work!

To say that Gerry and I are excited is an understatement. It’s Gerry’s birthday – he’s pretending the caucus is his own, personal birthday party, but I’m not sure if we can get everyone there to sing Happy Birthday…

The kids are giddy with excitement – who knew? – and we’ll probably get ice cream or something on the way home. Birthday, you know…

Family black humor for the birthday boy…

Max: Dad, are you sad because you’re not getting any younger?
Dad: No, I’m sad because I’m not sure if I’m getting any older…

Once we get a few more jokes for the act, we’re taking on the road. Maybe we’ll try it out at the Caucus tonight.

The kids are asking who we’ll vote for – and aside from Al Franken for Senate, I’m still up for grabs. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this!

I’m finishing up the Spencer – the body and sleeves are done, I’m adding the waist ribbing and then I’ll be doing the buttonbands.

Photos of the finished project to come, but here’s a daily shot of the waist ribbing sts on the beautiful knitpicks wooden needles!

In the mean time I’ve been knitting along to a metronome because I’ve decided I’m going to compete in the CYCA fastest knitter competition when I’m at the Knit Out in Pittsburgh this weekend and/or here in MN in 2 weeks.

I’m nowhere NEAR as fast as some of the international competitors, but I think it will be a lark, so I’m going to go for it!

I’m teaching in Pittsburgh – at the Knit & Crochet Out on Saturday and Sunday, AND at Knit One on Sunday evening. It’s a lovely shop in Squirrel Hill where I taught last year. It’s one of the nicest shops I’ve visited.

I think they still have spots available in some of my classes at either event – usually folks wait and sign up the day of and then they get sold out really quickly – so if you’re interested, contact them now!

And then in MN the following weekend I’ll be doing a free demo at the Mall of America at 11:00 on Saturday as part of the Great American Knit OutI don’t think I’m doing a booksigning in MN, but I’ll be around so say, “Hi!” if you see me!

That is, unless I’m too scary looking in my knit mask… Boo!

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