Wow – what a night!

Being our first Caucus, we had no idea what to expect. Apparently this year there were more folks showing up to Caucus than there’d been – well – ever in some precincts. We heard folks saying they hadn’t seen a turnout like this since the 70’s, but I haven’t seen any hard data on numbers.

It was CROWDED, though.

It was interesting, it was a chance to see democracy in action (resolutions posted, seconded and voted on) but it was quite a bore for the kids. Both brought books, but Max was more than ready to go. Hannah loved being in what will be her new Jr. High – it was a thrill for her.

Oddly, we didn’t get to caucus for our senate picks – delegates just signed up and they’ll vote for that in March. I still feel rather confused about that – how do I make my own voice heard? I would have preferred a straight up and down vote, to be honest.

It also felt odd to be voting – caucusing – with such a large group of only Democrats. Back in NJ the polling place is where EVERYONE votes, regardless of their affiliation, not that there’s a lot of chatting about who one is voting for going on…

The lines, though – good heavens! It was like waiting to get through security at the airport, or waiting in line at an amusement park. Or the returns desk at Target after Christmas.

The group was a bit in awe of itself. We each felt so powerful, and at the same time we were each such a tiny part of a bigger thing.

After we’d heard the results of our own precinct (Richardson – 1, Kucinich – 2, Edwards – 3, Clinton – 86, Obama – 249) Gerry, the kids and I drove around until we found a place where Gerry could get a piece of birthday cake and some Irish coffee (it was all he really wanted – and Fabulous Faye’s delivered!) and we all had a had drink and a dessert.

Waking up this morning was HARD!

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