Thanks, Peanut Gallery!!

Hey Guys – Thanks so much for the positive vibes (especially you, Marcy, I felt so calm after I read your comment! THANK you!)

It just seemed totally absurd to me that a customer service department would be so involved in taking the time to threaten a customer with legal action (and in such an offhanded, casual way.) Especially on a SATURDAY (wow, that must be some legal department they have! In on Saturday to read negative blogs by customers!)

I’ve switched to e-junkie – so if you order a pattern, let me know how you like the service!

I am SO darned tired I hardly know what to do! Sleep seems the intelligent choice…

I taught 2 classes yesterday – they both went really well and I just LOVED my students! They were so engaged, so full of good questions and SO ready to challenge themselves!

Afterward I had a book signing – or singing…
hat Angie Modesitt has SOME voice!)

After teaching all day, Saturday night Robyn Chachula and I went out for dinner – it was so great to spend some nice time with a ‘girlfriend’ while I’m on the road, just chatting! We had to wait a while for a table (apparently one of the high schools was having a Valentine’s Dance – the dressed-up kids were SO sweet and unsettlingly sophisticated!)

So we strolled around and shopped. I got to meet Robyn’s husband and in-laws, what nice folks (and her husband is adorable!)

Today my first class was at 9:00, then a book signing at 2:00 and on to Knit One in Squirrel Hill for a lace class at 5:00.

I was worried that the class would be small (my classes at the festival had 31, 13 and 6 participants – quite a spread!) but there were about 18 folks at Stacy’s store, and they were ready to KNIT!

It was a hard class – in the good way. My job with this group was to bring everyone to the place where they realized how much they already know about lace. It’s harder than just pouring info into them and hoping it sticks. But it’s more satisfying because I feel like the knowledge is really ACTIVE, it sticks to them and encourages more.

The students really ROSE to the challenge. It was pretty rough for the first hour – I really demanded a lot from them – but by the end of the class 16 of the 18 were well on the way to having the motif memorized (and the other 2 were almost there – they’d just worked SO hard they needed some space from it!) and we had a spectacular i-cord bind off finish.

True to form, halfway through the class I was told sotto voce by one kind student that I had an – ahem – huge RIP in the seat of my pants! Evidently I caught it on a nail or tack somewhere in my travels (hmmm, now how in the work did I catch my fabulous self on anything..?) and rrrrrrrip!

I’m very sad because I LOVE these pants – they’re yoga pants, but with pockets and a nice enough fit that I can teach in them AND fly in them. Not any more – the hole is entirely UNfixable. And I am sad. I mourn my pants.

The view from my Tom Tom leaving Knit One

I was SO pooped when I left Knit One – thank heavens for the Tom Tom (I don’t think I could have BEGUN to find my way back to the hotel without it!) And now in my room, having a beer and a fish sandwich, a cup of tea and then into bed. I wonder if Forensic Files is on – for some reason I find it comforting to fall asleep to that show… Odd…

I miss Gerry.

The drive back to the hotel from Knit One
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