10 Truths Jan & I Determined
While Sitting at Panera’s This Evening

#1 – Cancer Sucks
#2 – Coffee makes Annie speed
#3 – Our great grandma, Matt, (born 1860’s and who didn’t quite believe in Radio) would be blown away by the internet.
#4 – Jan’s mom was the prettier sister
#5 – My mom was the more beautiful sister
#6 – Gerry’s the best dad in the world
#7 – Jan is well loved
#8 – Free Wifi at Panera’s is the BEST
#9 – My lungs + Jan’s 7 dogs = bad breathing
#10 – Microtel is the most inexpensive hotel around Parkersburg

Tomorrow Jan has two radiation sessions, she starts early in the morning and when she finishes – depending on how she feels – we may have an early dinner with her sister in law (Jan’s brother, my cousin Tommy, passed away a few years ago from cancer, too.)

But now I sleep. Tired, tired, tired.

Driving down from Pittsburgh I felt much more tired than I thought I was – driving during the afternoons is always hard for me (it must be the sun) because I just want to close my eyes! There will be a LOT of driving when I’m teaching in the NYC area at the end of the month – time to stock up on Red Bull.

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