Did Anyone Get the Number of that Truck?

Oh, baby, am I sick.

On Monday I was driving to pick up some Knit Out friends who were in town so we could have breakfast before their respective flights. I had Max with me because we had no school on Monday.

Just as we pulled off the highway, Max informed me he was about to be sick. And he was. Several times.

So – no breakfast. Home and bed for the boy (is there any rip off worse than being sick on a holiday?)

I did a LOT of cleaning yesterday – the usual stuff you’d imagine with a sick kid, and then Hannah seemed to be ill, too. Not to the extent Max was, but not at all well.

This morning was my turn. Both kids were better (Max insisted on going to school – he was much better, and he has the School House Rock play he’s in today – he’s “Max The Brain…”)

I, however, feel like I must have had the best time in the WORLD last night. But apparently no one told me.

I have never felt so ‘hung over’ – with no good reason – in my life. It’s been years since I’ve had the stomach flu this bad.

Finally at 2:30 I could keep some Pepto Bismal down, and now I’m more myself. YAY PB!

I’m sitting up now, at least, but there’s no way I’ll make it to Max’s play tonight. Gerry and I have switched rolls today – an odd feeling – but if the PB follows through with it’s promise, I’ll be my old self again by, oh, April.

Code Void
For those of you on my email list, last night you received an email from me announcing the sale of my Sideways Spencer Redux (similar to the pattern that was in IK Fall 2004, but now in 8 sizes and – for better or for worse – written in “Annie Speak”)

Here’s knitter Katie, from the beta group. She took such lovely photos of herself in the garment that I purchased the rights from her to use 2 images in the pattern. They’re so much better than I could do – and I love the fact that the model (and photographer) also KNIT the garment!

I also announced a code my mailing list folks could use to get 15% their entire pattern order from my website until the end of Feb. Then I went to bed.

Apparently I didn’t do the code the right way – this is NO reflection on e-junkie, which I’m liking quite a bit, it was entirely me.

So for those of you who purchased anything from my site and tried to use the darned code, I’ll be crediting you 15% via a partial refund on your purchase. I should have all those processed by the end of the week.

And now I THINK I have the problem fixed. As I’ve said before, I know just enough techno stuff to make myself dangerous.

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