6:00 am and He's Got It.

It looks like Gerry’s joined the ranks. This is far more serious than me being ill (and I tried to be so careful about washing my own stuff, cleaning up after myself with bleach, etc.) but now Noro has claimed another victim.

If we’re lucky he’ll have the Maxie-brief version. I’m getting him into the doc immediately, though – we just can’t afford for him to lose any more weight.

Dang. The cats are beside themselves – he’s their hero.

[Just before he became ill I woke from a very bad dream where I had dropped the F-bomb in front of a class and was an hour late for the next class… What a nightmare. I think it’s because I used the word Damn (as in “Damn your eyes!”) in my last post. The things our subconscious frets over…]

7:30 Update:
Hannah has it. She was all dressed for school, flute in the backpack and shoes ready to don, and the next thing I knew she was paying homage to the porcelain goddess.

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