Noro Virus

Argh. It’s still hard to stand for more than 30 minutes, sitting is rough and I’m not keeping food down. Still.

Someone said it’s called the Noro Virus. I looked it up, and that seems to make sense.

I’m changing colors for regular, long intervals, so it sounds like Noro…

How Max recovered in 1 day is beyond me, but you know kids – anything to humiliate their parents…

Here’s my 15 minutes of local fame (photoshopped, I’ll admit…)
BTW, The needles I’m using in the photo are Extreme Knitting Needles by Rachel John from The Bagsmith

A friend who works for the local paper (Thanks London!!) sent me a pdf of the piece that ran in the Trib this weekend. And our contractor brought over a copy (his respect for me has increased exponentially) and – as soon as I’m able to walk more than 30 feet – I’ll go pick up a copy that someone has kindly left for me at the Yarnery.

In the mean time, I’m going back to bed.

I’m going to make Gerry switch sides with me tonight so I’m closer to the bathroom. TMI, I know…
Oh, I feel like hell.

Damn you, mystery person at the MOA – probably on one of the rides – who didn’t wash your hands and gave this evil plague to my son and thus to me (that’s my theory…)

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