This is BETTER?

We’re all still pretty tentative around here. I was taking Maxie to fencing (Hannah stayed home) and on the way he felt as though he were going to be ill. Truth to tell, so did I. So back home…

Gerry actually seems to be faring better than any of us. He’s thinking that some of the meds he’s on for the cancer have prevented some of the more unpleasant fun bits that the kids and I experienced. Lucky dog. So now we know the silver lining of Multiple Myeloma…

Schedule Change
Because of our house of plague (bring out the bodies!) I’m delaying my trip east by a few days. It won’t affect every engagement, but it does affect some. I’ve tried to move the affected classes to weekends or evening to make rescheduling for the students easier. You can see the changes to the schedule here.

I’m sorry about this – I apologize if it really messes up anyone’s schedule – but I’d rather take two more days here to get the kids back up to speed (and me, too) and to get past the point where I’m a walking contaminant because it’s just hard to knit and hurl. Yes, you can quote me.

Future Talk
And, while you’re looking at my website, you could always look at my appearances page to see where I’m teaching next.

I’ve been saying “no” to a lot of engagements for about 6 months, and today I suddenly realized, “Hey, I’ve been turning down engagements…” I feel like I put aside planning things for an extended period, and I’ve lost the habit of setting up a class schedule.

To paraphrase Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you forget how to make other plans.”

I guess I just wanted to get to a place where I felt really good about leaving G & the kids for successive weekends while I go teach. I’m not sure if that will happen, though – and the bank is not waiting for a time when they feel “really good” about sending the mortgage notice.

The fact that I love what I do so much makes me hesitant sometimes, almost as if I should be a little ashamed to be having so much fun when I ‘go to work.’

But GO is the operative word, and I must go – travel – to get to the folks who want to take the classes. So it’s time for me to start lining up more engagements for late Spring / Summer and into next Fall. If you know of a shop or guild or venue that might like to host me, I’ll be happy to hear from them!

I’m also seriously considering in the locations where no shop seems inclined to host me simply renting a conference room and teaching a couple of classes (maybe in conjunction with a 2nd or 3rd teacher.) I’ve been thinking of this for a while, and have been bouncing the idea off of Shannon Okey (knitgirrl) It’s bouncing…

Funny Picture
I loved the comment about Rosie the Riviter, so here’s some adulterated Rockwell artwork which I hope makes you laugh! Obviously I could teach Rosie a thing or two.

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