Prep & Driving

Since I’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks, we’ve been prepping for this trip. We’re pretty well stocked (and we dusted off the Simon Delivers account so Gerry and the kids can easily restock), a lot of laundry’s been finished and put away, and the kids are caught up on their allowances.

There’s also prepping for the trip itself, and Gerry’s great to help with this; packing up books, electronics, clothes, teaching handouts, etc., and shipping a few boxes of books for me to pick up along my route (it’s just too heavy to carry everything on the plane!)

And my most important prepping? Rest.

I’m forcing myself to mentally and physically give myself a bit of a break so that I don’t start this trip on shaky ground. Finding a good traveling project is important prep, too, and I think I’ve found one. My O-wool colorwork, which is coming along nicely!

I had to rearrange my flights when I rescheduled, so now I’ll be arriving and leaving from JFK. My flight was supposed to be on Delta, but when I went online to secure my seat it said “Flight operated by NWA” – which ended with me calling NW to get my actual flight numbers.

I hate to talk on the phone, and avoid customer service episodes whenever possible, but my chat with “Maddie” from NW was just about the most pleasant I’ve had with an airline employee! She was able to help me quickly and easily. Tomorrow I should be able to pick an exit row seat when I check in.

Such a pleasant and helpful customer service rep is a sign for the trip!

Follow That Car!
My trip can be summed up thus:

On Wed I fly in to JFK from Minnesota.
On Thurs I teach in NJ (Knit Knack & Knit A Bit), then I drive to LI in the evening.
On Friday I teach all day(Knitters Knitche), then I drive out to Mystic CT (3 hours…)
On Saturday I teach at Mystic all day, then that evening I drive to Saratoga (3 hours)
On Sun I teach all day (Saratoga Needle Arts) and I don’t drive ANYWHERE.
On Monday I drive back to NJ (3 hours)
On Tues I teach 2 classes in NYC (Knitty City)
On Wed I drive to Harvard, MA (3 hours) and lecture at the Nashoba Valley Knitters Guild.
On Thurs I drive down to NJ (Knit Knack) and teach that evening
On Friday I don’t teach – huzzah.
On Sat I teach 2 classes (Knit Knack & Angelfire)
On Monday I fly home…

Then on Wed I leave again for Knitapalooza.

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