If It's Tuesday It Must Be NYC…

Today I’m at Knitty City – I start teaching in a half an hour and I’m having an iced tea at Cosi beforehand.

Iced tea, because the weather is WARM here. It’s a moist, spring day in NYC – and it makes me homesick for this part of the country. When I left my friend’s house out in NJ I could almost smell the crocuses coming up – it’s my favorite kind of late Winter / early Spring day.

Cosi because I just wanted to escape for a half an hour of anonymous blogging before class. I love to meet students, but I’ve learned from experience that if I hang around a shop before the class folks want to chat, and conversations start, and it’s hard to tear myself away to teach.

Even worse, sometimes folks feel that I’ve created a bond with some students, and might feel a little left out because I didn’t schmooze with them. I know this is true, because I’ve been known to feel that way myself when I take a class!

So the safest – and most comfortable for me – is to keep a low profile before the class starts, then chat with folks afterward as much as they want.

I’ve been told there are 14 in the afternoon class, and 12 in the evening class. Huzzah! I’m SO excited to see a NY audience again – and I’m VERY happy to be teaching at Pearl’s wonderful shop! She had a book signing for me for Twist & Loop, which was very kind of her, but this is my first time teaching at her shop.

I had lunch with a very good friend, Ellyn, an old college roommate. How weird that sounds. We roomed together in a suite our Freshman year, and although both of us had rather rocky college tenures, we’re both at a similar stage in our lives now (married, working, mommys) and have quite a bit STILL in common.

She comes from a family of sisters, which I always admired and envied a bit, each one a very individual and funny, wonderful person. I hope I get to spend more time with her while I’m here this weekend!

Last night I slept the sleep of the dead. I was so zonked by the days and days of teaching and endless driving that I went to bed at 8:30, and slept all the way through until almost 8:00 this morning! I needed to catch up on some sleep, and I feel so good for it. The best night rest I’ve had in a long, long time!

Off to Knitty City – it’s raining, but I’m looking forward to a little cool sprinkle. I wonder what the weather will be up in Harvard, MA for my lecture tomorrow night…?

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