There Is No Free Parking

By far my largest expense yesterday was parking. PARKING!

Lunch with my friend cost me almost $30 in parking. She’s in midtown, and I KNEW it would be so, so it wasn’t unexpected.

It was an expense I was happy to make because the alternative would have been parking on the upper west side, two subway trains to her office, then back up (dragging my bags with me – no access to bags when the car is parked in a garage!)

So I just said, “NO – I’m too exhausted to add this to my day before I teach 6 hours…

Then during my class parking was also around $30. Expected and covered in the travel expenses.

But totally unexpected – and forgotten – was the law in Maplewood, NJ that no one is allowed to park on the street between the hours of 2-6. It’s one of those laws that’s only posted as you drive into town.

Dang. I should have remembered. Dang.

I’m stopping at a Panera’s in Manchester on my way up to Harvard, MA for a lecture tonight for the Nashoba Valley Knitters. I was going to have breakfast in the city with a friend before I left, but decided that I’d rather just arrive a little earlier.

So tonight I’ll be staying in Mass, then back down to NJ tomorrow to teach at Knit Knack in the evening. Two more classes on Saturday round out my East Coast ’08 adventure – light at the end of the tunnel! Yay!

Thank heaven for the Prius, and thank heaven for Paneras!

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