Furtive Blogging

This will have to be fast because I’m nutsy busy – and teaching in 10 minutes!

I would have posted last night, but I was so exhausted from travel, etc., and the internet reception from my room was pretty dismal.

Having said that, I love the Hilton! It’s becoming one of my favorite hotel chains, and I’m so happy when my travels bring me to the Hilton for a visit. I’m here in Virginia Beach at Knitapalooza for the weekend, teaching 5 of my toughest classes (are you ready, ladies…?) and enjoying a bit of early Spring!

Dawn picked me up at the airport – she’s so nice – her piece was in Cheaper Than Therapy so we already had a connection. There are a LOT of ladies I’m meeting here who I’ve already “met” online, more than usual, which is always fun (sometimes the anticipation is odd, but it always ends up being a blast!)

After a meet & greet last evening all of the teachers went off to have dinner with Bobbie (our hostess and owner of Ewe Knit) but I had to bow out early because I was just SO darned tired. And I need a good portion of alone time – not in a plane, not in an airport bathroom, just ALONE in my room to reflect and think and knit. My meditation time. I’ve begun jealously guarding it – it’s becoming sacrosanct. Not a bad thing. I even bring a small travel candle with me – what next, bells?

Oatmeal for breakfast – so life is good today. If a morning starts with oatmeal can it go far wrong?

I feel that I’ve been slighting the blog lately – being tired and all – and there are SO many things I think about that I want to get down. My feelings about our last doctor visit, watching Hannah and Max managing without me, seeing Gerry trying to be brave so I don’t feel too bad about leaving to teach.

Other things that are running through my head; Juggling the need to assert my own needs and rights as a teacher with doing what is necessary to stroke the powers that be and earn a living. Not being able to find the time to do what I need to do as a designer (submissions – via MAIL – my personal bugaboo!)

My mind is racing these days – which, ironically, may be why I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like.

I’ll be so glad to get home and have a good few weeks to just get WORK DONE AT HOME!

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