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We just got the call. She’s in.

We hadn’t expected to hear this soon – we’re stunned!

I think the Breakthrough program is just the kind of challenge that will give the next few years a structure and focus which will allow Hannah to concentrate on her future. And make Dad’s health issues easier to get through.

She – WE – worked so hard (contacting folks for recommendations, working on her essay, getting all the pieces together in just 2 days and then hand delivering the application) that the payoff of acceptance feels all the sweeter. And taking the time to meet with the breakthrough folks at the School Choice Fair so they remembered us ended up being a very good thing to do, too – yay!

We’ll get the paperwork in the mail telling us the dates, etc., but she’s basically making a commitment to 6 weeks of summer school AND 13 Saturdays of study during the school year next year – and she’s thrilled!

It’s snowing [again] in MN – lovely for the first day of Spring Break. But I remember April 8, 2003 when it snowed in NJ, so this isn’t just a MN experience…

But NOTHING can bring us down today. Not even Gerry’s lost crown (his teeth are in dreadful shape. A side effect of the MM and one of the drugs he’s taking) for which he’s at the dentist this morning. Ouch!

I think a celebratory game of SORRY! is in order – and pancakes for EVERYONE! Han and Max are in the kitchen making them now. Huzzah!

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