Doing Well, Doing Good

Yesterday was the Blood Drive at our temple, so Gerry and I volunteered to help shepherd the doners through the process, and had a very nice day.

Gerry doesn’t get out as much as he’d like – for obvious reasons – and I had thought this might be a wonderful way for him to connect with some new folks. It was!

We were there for an extended period, everyone was so nice! Gerry handed numbers to folks when they arrived, I took the numbers before they went for their pre-draw interview. Teamwork!

It was Hebrew School day, so the we left a note for Hannah that when Max arrived home they should walk over to the temple together. We walk over quite a bit, but this was the first time they’d done the 6 block walk on their own. No big deal, but a sort of milestone (crossing 2 busy streets.)

Today I’m nursing a head cold, so no walk to Max’s school. It’s a grey, sad day anyway. It’s supposed to snow, and I’m hoping that it won’t affect my flight tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn out to Atlanta. I’m so looking forward to this trip – the folks down there are so warm and friendly, it will be like seeing a bunch of extended family!

I’ve had my head down, not blogging a lot, because I’m trying to get a few projects finished up and ready to roll. It’s been a series of projects that I find myself tweaking mercilessly, lengthening, shortening, ripping out and reworking sections. The whole two steps forward and one step back method of design. It’s periods like this when I find the details that make a sweater really fun to knit, but it’s also during these periods that I pull out much of my hair. Soon I’ll look like Gerry…

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