A Biking Miracle

Gerry’s been saying for months that he just wished he could get ON a bike. He kept saying that riding a bike, as counter-intuitive as it seems, would be easier for him thank walking. I smiled and said, “Yes, dear…” but didn’t really believe it.

He’s been spending a lot of time working on the family bikes, getting them fixed up, making sure I had a good working one. The reason became obvious yesterday.

He promised Max he’d ride with him to school. And not just Max, but ALL of the kids from the bus stop. I was filled with admiration, and pure anger.


Or not.

I told him I would NOT let him go without me, which took some discussion. Finally I said, “What if something went wrong and you fell and broke one of your brittle, brittle bones?”

How would that affect Max, feeling so helpless as his dad was laying there needing medical assistance? Things to ponder that we wish we didn’t have to. He wants a normal life, he wants to ride with his kids and toss a ball around. He’s fragile, though. How far do I put my foot down before I start digging a hole?

So I went, too…

Our first trip was yesterday. I’m embarrassed to say that I was the weak link in the bike chain. There was Max, 3 of his friends (above) who all meet at the bus stop, and Gerry and me – a half dozen bikers in total. We met at the bus stop then rode along the least busy streets we could find (using the sidewalks on the busier streets – no pedestrians were out…) and about 2/3 of the way I became SO winded going up a hill that I had to stop and rest while they all blithely rode on. They didn’t even miss me.

I eventually caught up with Gerry, and then the two of us rode to Wuollets for coffee, then we rode home and he looked for all the world like the cat who ate the canary. Or the carrot cake muffin.

Of course, the pure exhaustion that he felt all afternoon was rough, but to be expected. No huge change in his pain, but this does give him more of a reason to take his pain meds.

Today we spoke with the other kids at the bus stop and explained that on days we could ride we’d be happy to have them with us, but we just can’t promise that it will be an every day affair.

Gerry has excellent days, and he has devastating days. Two days ago he had a hard time getting out of bed and lay there for 6 hours, then yesterday he was riding a bike. Go figure…

I’m proud of him. Scared for him, a little worried. But very proud.

Future Bike Fun
This weekend we’ll take the kids and the bikes and go someplace where we can ride with little or no traffic. We may just bike down Summit Ave (there’s a nice bike path on it) and home – Maybe we’ll even take the kids to Hebrew School via bike? I usually walk them…

The bad thing about not walking is that biking is MUCH harder for me. My breathing has been really terrible for a few weeks, just rotten this week (I started a course of prednisone today, so I’m hoping I’ll be back in fighting form in a few days…) and when I bike I suffer for it for an hour after with shallow breathing.

Also, Atticus doesn’t get that nice, long walk we’ve been taking. I could ride with him running along, but I’m shy about that (he’s a strong dog, and if he took a notion to chase a squirrel or run to another dog, I’d be in trouble!)

So all in all excellent news – yay! The Landy Quest to make every single day as full of love and fun as possible continues!

We drove out to Stillwater for a Multiple Myeloma support group. I’d never been to one, Gerry’d never been to THIS one, and the speaker was an accupuncturist talking about pain strategies for MM patients.

It was ironic because we planned to leave the meeting a little early so Gerry could make it to his accupuncture appointment this afternoon. I can’t wait to hear how he feels it affected his pain!

I’ve finished the O-Wool Classic & O-Wool Balance colorwork sweater, and I’m SO happy with it! I decided against steeking and creating a cardigan, it looked so right as a pullover.

So I created a split turtleneck so I could use those wonderful buttons that had inspired the pullover to begin with!

The pattern should be finished in a few days, then I’ll have it tech edited and it will be ready for purchase. I just LOVE this sweater, and may have to work up one in more subtle colors for Gerry.

The details are set – huzzah! And with this nice, warm weather we’re having I’m beside myself in anticipation! Click here for full details… Contact Barb at info@medaytorosecottage.com to make your reservation.

Click on the image for your invitation!

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