So Tired, So Happy!

I have had a few most WONDERFUL days, I’m loving Portland, LOVING the weather here (rain or shine, I like them both!) and I’m thoroughly enjoying my students!

What an exciting, intelligent, intuitive, intellectual group of women I’ve met here – and I’m only half finished… I taught at Abundant Yarn on Thursday – two good classes of hard working women. This afternoon and this evening I taught for Knit Purl (the classes were at the Mark Spencer Hotel) and although the groups were huge, EVERYONE kept up beautifully and worked their butts off. I was especially impressed with sisters A & K, who I teased mercilessly, but who did SO well! And they traveled SO far to see me – one from LA and one from Omaha, it was very flattering

I figure if someone plops down good money to take a class, they should go home with a few welts. Just kidding. Actually, I offer a lot of information, but I’m very happy to accede that some folks get ‘filled up’ and nearing the end of the class perhaps the best use of their time is to listen and absorb (not put more pressure on themselves!)

We laughed a LOT, I learned as much as my students did, and I’m very impressed with the overall level of courage and knitting intelligence I’m finding in this green, green, lovely city.

And it is SO lovely! The architecture is homey and intelligent, stunning in it’s simplicity (much like St. Paul) and makes me happy. I’m meeting the nicest people (like Lorajean’s boss, who runs Global Exchange – good luck L on your upcoming exciting event!!)

Michele – I would have had the cajun tots, but I have a very mild-mannered methodist mouth, and when I have anything spicy I can feel it for days. The regular tots are yummy enough for me.

This morning after another soak – oh, heavens, how lovely that is! – and a breakfast of the best oatmeal I’ve ever had (topped with apple compote and served with steamed milk) Heather from AY took me to Lantern Moon where I met the staff and had a LOVELY chat.

I really like Portland SO much! I definitely need to bring Gerry and the kids out here (would they EVER love the Kennedy School!!)

This afternoon I headed downtown and shopped at Knit Purl for a bit before I headed over to teach my two classes. It’s a LOVELY store – there is SO much crammed into what could be a small space, but seems much more spacious than I imagined it would be! The staff is very helpful, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. I’ll be back there on Sunday (this time the classes will be at the Governor Hotel across the street, in the Hardy room) for two more classes.

I need to sleep. More classes tomorrow – but they start at 10:30 which is TERRIBLY civilized. YAY!

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