Last Night on the Columbia

I drove up to Vancouver for my last night – it’s much smaller and seems quieter than Portland, but it’s quite lovely!

I’m at the Hilton, and had dinner at the McMenamins restaurant on the Columbia (salmon & beer, FABulous! Just look at that Amber Wave!)

My legs are achey, my arms hurt, my back is sore and I’m tired. SO tired. But I’m very happy, too!

What a great couple of days of classes, though – so good, and so hard to write about because there were SO many great moments!

Folks got stuff SO FAST, they worked hard, and they earned their rest, that’s for sure. Now I just have to get to Sequim to see WHAT is in the water there…

Driving to Abundant Yarns yesterday I passed a paint shop. There were some guys on the roof, well, painting. It made me laugh, so I snapped a photo…

In one class a woman had an adorable doggie (Coco) and there was a poodle in the shop. Happy doggie shop! That made me miss Atticus quite a bit.

Last night I discovered that I HATED the hotel I was booked into (The Mark Spencer – more like The Mark Seedy) so I de-booked myself and went to the Residence Inn, instead.

It was right by the river, so I had a nice walk along the promenade and looked at the boats. What a nice evening.

Today the classes were in a banquet room at the Governor Hotel (VERY snazzy) and both classes were pretty full (25 & 19).

Those large classes are SO fun, but they do take much more energy than the smaller ones.

I’ve enjoyed ALL of my classes here in Portland SO much, and the shops and students were very kind in their comments. This is quite a wonderful place, and I’m just sorry it took me 46 years to visit.

Both shops want me back, and as I’ll be in Portland in September for TKGA that may just work out. More chances to enjoy the Portland architecture (which makes me homesick for St. Paul!)

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