Memor-iable Day

This is the line waiting for the bobble feet dolls. We were about 400 back from the gate, so we got ours! YAY!! And the Saints won! That team KNOWS how to put on a show – there was NEVER a dull moment. The audience was huge, over 7,000, and SO excited. We all did the roller coaster.

And a knitter (Hi, Stella!) was ahead of us in line for food, so how could the game be any better? Fireworks!

The music is Anonymous 4,
Echo la primavera, ballata for 2 Voices, S. 58, from The Second Circle.
I thought that Saints deserved heavenly music…

Last night the colors were so saturated and rich after the 15 minutes wind-rainstorm that hit the northern St. Paul area. We missed the storm, we got in line just after it left the area. We’re lucky!

Last night we may have stumbled onto it. The Saints cap color is pretty amazing, it matched the sky last night.

We spent yesterday afternoon at a block party and got to meet some neighbors we hadn’t seen all year. It’s been a long Winter. I was supposed to join some friends for knitting, but I needed to be here, hanging out with G and doing wife and mom stuff.

The kids ran wild up and down the blocked off street, leaving all the adults to ask, “Where are all these kids when our kids are looking for someone to play with?!” So now we know the answer! Max and Hannah are both out with friends today, so it seems the neighborhood mixer has worked its magic!

I’m knitting today – catching up on some projects and trying to figure out new ones. And playing with the bobble-foot dolls.

And trying to figure out what THIS is..?

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