Grand Day

Today was the Grand Old Day streetfair down Grand Avenue. A parade, free rides for the kids, and many different types of food.

I missed this celebration last year because I was at TNNA, but this year I’m able to make both, and it was a lot of fun!

I walked Max down to a friend’s house to watch the parade, then walked back – Atticus drawing as much attention as some of the floats. I’ve seen more black standard poodles in our neighborhood this week than I’ve seen in a year!

Gerry and Hannah went down to Grand together, but the crowds were thick and it was rough with his walker, so they came home.

Later in the day I rode both kids up to Ramsey Jr. High on our bikes so they could do the bungee jump and the water balloon cannon.

They teamed up with friends from school, but no one got a good baloon hit (it’s an ingenious set up – two booths face each other with huge rubber slingshots into which you slip a water balloon, then release and hope for the best!)

All the broken balloons on the asphalt were rather beautiful.

Gerry rode over on his bike (go bike!) and then walked around with it as a new kind of “walker” because, oddly enough, riding his bike is easier on him than walking. While in the area we had a few slices at the Italian Pie Shop and Gerry proclaimed it the best slice he’d had since we moved here! They deliver, so we may just have a new favorite pizza place (I still like Punch, but this was very good, too!)

We rode back home on Summit, Max is off to the pool with friends and Hannah’s getting some writing done. Gerry’s tossing leftovers together for dinner and I’m working on a project for IK (it involves making a running stitch along a fabric edge, then hemming that edge and picking up the running stitches and knitting them – it’s a blast!)

A nice talk on the phone with a friend I’ve not been in touch with for a few weeks, and some swatching with new Louet Linen (I’m trying to make a good plaid – influenced, perhaps, by Outlander?)

All in all a lovely day.

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