Must… breath… to… teach….

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting so much since TNNA is I’ve been just trying to get a BREATH!

Columbus was hot, and very humid (just like I remembered! Don’t change a thing, baby, I love you just the way you are!) with a heat index of 108. My breathing was pretty sucky there, and coming back to MN it didn’t appreciably approve.

So FINALLY I visited my doc on Wed (yeah, I saw her for accupuncture, and it helped, but not for the long-term) and I’m on yet another course of steroids to open the old lungs. Arriving here in Blacksburg, VA my breathing sounded so bad, but believe me, it was better than it HAS been. I just like to scare folks. Boo!

And imagine my happiness to meet not one, but TWO respiratory therapists here. I know my audience… Gina from Mosaic Yarns is amazing to arrange that!

I caught my plane at 6:00 this morning, then picked up my rental car and was out of Baltimore by 1:30. It’s a drive down here, but whenever I drive through Virginia I feel like it’s a trip back home (yes, my family’s on the other side, the West Virginia side, but I can pass…)

And I got to meet Jared (Brooklyn Tweed) and spend some time with Joe (On The Lamb) and just have some G&T’s in the beautiful Virginia evening. It was so cool and delicious I felt like I was in MN! What a wonderful ‘meet & greet’ – obviously the class participants this weekend are some groovy PARTY-ticipants.

I promise, the TNNA wrap up WILL happen at some point BEFORE the next TNNA. Honest.

In the mean time, here’s an amazingly beautiful photo that was taken by Cathy Bothe, who owns Signature Needle Arts. Her daughter, Laura, came for a visit with her kids, and I noticed that Laura’s 5-year old daughter, Katie, was REALLY interested in the knitting her mom and I were doing.

So I grabbed some extra needles and pink yarn, and showed Katie the basics. And she SO got it – she’s an amazingly intuitive knitter, and showed so much passion RIGHT from the get go.

This photo was taken the next day – apparently she’s already been heard to say to her mom, “Just one more stitch…” I think we have a new knitter, folks! Katie is so adorable, and SO smart. Her brother (another redhead) has a good match in her – what a great family!

While Laura was here she let me try some of the new signature double points. They’re metal, and although I LOVE metal needles, I usually use wooden dpns when working on socks, etc., because of the slip factor. I hate it when my needles fall out of my work, especially on planes.

Well, guess what? These have a little ‘tooth‘ so they still slide beautifully, but they grip the yarn just a little bit.

And here’s a video to show this… (the yarn used is Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb – a little bit silky, and a little bit wooly…)

I used these needles today on both flights and didn’t lose a needle! I dropped one (my own mistake) but the nice woman behind me picked it up for me…

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